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Mar 7, 2010 12:07 PM

Indian Food in Center City

What is the best sit-down Indian in Center City? I know the best Indian in the city is not in CC but that is where I am looking. This is for dinner during the week. Not looking for a buffet and not especially interested in Palace at the Ben since based on my one experience there it is over-fancy and over-priced for the quality served. But if you think it's the best, I'd love to hear a counter argument.


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  1. I am in Berkeley and have heard good things about Bindi. Is that in Center City?

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      Thanks for posting all the way from Cali! Bindi is in CC but it is modern "Indian-inspired" fare; I am looking for a traditional place.

    2. Is King of Tandoor close enough to CC to qualify? It's on Callowhill between 18th and 19th. That's the only place I can think of. I got takeout from Minar Palace shortly after they reopened in their new location and it wasn't that good, I wouldn't recommend it.

      I'd rather eat at Palace at the Ben than Bindi.

      1. i agree about palace at the ben - is good, but def overpriced/overly-fancy for what it is. i know that minar palace has some consistency issues, but some of their dishes are great. i absolutely hate the paper plates though, it doesn't fit with the new location at all.

        karma in old city has gone downhill and cafe spice is, well, cafe spice...i haven't been to samosa since it reopened, but it was always good not great anyway.

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          Any thoughts on Lovash on South St? I haven't been there in a while but I remember it being pretty good.

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            I also haven't been in a while. Before Tiffin, Ekta, and King of Tandoor came along, it was my favorite Indian in the city (after Shivnanda closed anyway), I haven't been back since those places opened up.

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              I used to really enjoy Lovash but it's been years since I've been as well (and not for any food-quality issues but not being in the area/having friends who want to go there.)

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                When I lived in CC, I got takeout from Minar Palace once a week. That was before they relocated to fancier digs. From what I gather, the restaurant is more of a sit-down place now.

          2. Ended up at Lovash. Had a pretty simple order (somosas, chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, plain naan) as I was with a newbie to Indian food. Server was poor--didn't offer to open or chill our beers, tried to take our order within one minute of seating (we weren't ready) and didn't come back for like 20 minutes. The somosas were good and well cooked, but the rest of it was pretty mediocre overall. Not even close in flavor to Ekta or Tiffin. The prices are good but I'll look elsewhere next time.

            Paper plates at Minar is a turn off for a sitdown meal which is why I didn't go there.

            I heard Cafe Spice has a new chef and revamped menu, so I think that is the next CC place to try.