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Mar 7, 2010 11:49 AM

Bottomless Mimosa Brunch in Kansas City?

Does anyone know of a restaurant in the Kansas City area (Plaza, OP, Westport, Downtown, Lawrence, wherever) that serves a delicious Sunday brunch along with bottomless mimosas? I have called about every place I can think of and have had no luck at all...

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  1. Check Granite City, it doesn't say on their website but I'm sure last time I was in there they had added bottomless mimosas to their brunch menu. Also the website says carved roast beef but I also noticed the sign said prime rib. Got my attention, but I haven't been there to try it yet.

    1. You might try Hamburger Mary's for brunch...however it's on Saturdays and it's more of a casual place than most brunch joints. But...your first mimosa is free, and they are $2 after that.

      McCoy's does $3 mimosas until 3 pm and Grinder's does $2 ones all day...but again these are casual places, not bottomless, but at least cheap.

      It's not mimosas, but for bottomless champagne, V's in Independence offers a brunch with said refilling for $17.50.

      1. Ameristar Casino - (I think they still have bottomless mimosas) They have mimosas, poinsettias (champagne & cranberry juice), and straight champagne. What worries me is that I just looked on their website and Sunday brunch is only $15.99. I thought it used to be more which means they may have done away w/the alcohol. That would make me sad :-(