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Mar 7, 2010 11:36 AM

dinner near uptown theater, kansas city

Hi, we're going to a show at the uptown theater in kansas city on a sunday evening and I was wondering if you had a suggestions of places to eat that are around there. I really don't know Kansas city all that well yet but we maps so we are also will to drive for good eats since we living in Manhattan and are looking forward to having some more options for the night. We are looking for relatively inexpensive (under $15 for an entree) and not burgers. We eat everything and love ethnic food if it's relatively authentic since we are both originally from coastal areas. The only place we have eaten in the city so far is Oklahoma Joe's so we'd prefer something other than bbq.


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  1. Sounds like you might enjoy one of the ethnic places in the 39th Street corridor just a few blocks west of the Uptown. Blue Koi, Saigon 39, Po's Dumplings all do fine food and are relatively inexpensive. These restaurants are just east of State Line and KU Medical Center. The Westport area a few blocks south off Broadway also has Korma Sutra (Indian), Thai Palace and a Vietnamese (a bit upscale) place.

    1. Sadly, almost all of the 39th Street restaurants are closed on Sunday. Po's Dumpling Bar is open. And if you go a little further on 39th into Kansas, there is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant called Vietnam Cafe at 39th and Rainbow.

      Westport is still up and running on Sundays though, so the Thai Place, Korma Sutra, and Sung Son (the Vietnamese place) are all options. It's just south of the Uptown. All are good, although the Thai Place can get a little spendy. I didn't remember Sung Son being all that expensive. You also have sushi at Matsu (again, a little spendy), Jerusalem Cafe (a pretty good Middle Eastern restaurant), one80 (small plates and entrees).

      There are a few restaurants right across the street from the Uptown, including an Indian resto called Cafe Tandoori (I think). I've only eaten there once, though, and it was while ago. I remember liking it.

      I'm not sure how far out from the Uptown you want to go. You're really very close to downtown and the Crossroads. Do you have a radius or something you're really craving that you can't get in the Little Apple?

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        Thanks so much Heatherkay,
        wow all those options sound really good. I haven't had vietnamese in a while and I haven't been very impressed with our thai restaurant here so I'll have to check in with the friend I'm going with. Our show starts early I just found out (6:30) so I don' t think we want to eat too far off the beaten path this time.


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          Thanks so much for you suggestions. We endedup at vietnam cafe and were not disappointed. It was such a cold and dreary day so it was great to sit down and have some nice warm pho.

          Vietnam Cafe
          2200 W 39th Ave, Kansas City, KS 66103