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Mar 7, 2010 11:01 AM


Theres so many of them now. I don't want my first experience to be the last since. So does anyone know where I would find the best??

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  1. For a non-truck place, I love the ones at La Taquiza.

    Among the trucks, people really differ on Kogi (the original) ... I personally don't like them that much, too sweet and too dominated by the slaw. I much prefer the ones at LA Fuxion, Bool BBQ or Bull Kogi, which tend to be more like Korean bbq meat in a taco form factor with tortilla, onions, cilantro and maybe a salsa or maybe just more Korean hot sauce.

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        If you do decide you want to experience Kogi for yourself you don't have to track them down via their tweets and stand in line. Just go over to the Alibi Room in Culver City and have at it:

    1. Red Hot Kitchen on Valley Blvd. in El Sereno. Tacos are 2 bucks each and very tasty. Two of them should fill you up.

      1. My buddy just brought me some from IceBerry and OMG their delish!!!!! $1.50 a pop. Wow now i have to try Gogi