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Mar 7, 2010 10:57 AM

Where to get chihuahua cheese?

I live in south Philadelphia and have struck out looking for this cheese. Anyone seen it anywhere?

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  1. I have seen it for sale in reading terminal market, at the grocery counter off the mexican place in there... the name of it is escaping me right now though.

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    1. re: LPhila

      12th street cantina, reading terminal. Always has it.

    2. You can go to the Italian market and pass washinton ave, any mexican grocery store will have it.

      Also, whole foods does sell it but it is a little more expensive.

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      1. re: brianaface

        Agree -- try any of the Mexican markets at the end of the Italian Market.

        For anyone in the 'burbs, my local Super Walmart (Willow Grove/Horsham) carries chihuahua & a large number of other Mexican cheeses.

        1. re: PattiCakes

          I think ShopRite carries it- they have a big mexican food selection.

      2. The Italian Market bodegas I went to all had queso fresco, none had chihuahua and one even looked at me like I was from Mars, so if you have a specific recommendation I will try. In the meantime, I will try the place in RTM, thanks!