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Mar 7, 2010 10:49 AM

Pittsburgh Blue - Maple Grove - First mention?

I was at a Chamber of Commerce event this weekend that had a big focus on lots of restaurants, catering companies, and such. One of the restaurants that made an impression was Pittsburgh Blue, a steak and seafood and tavern type place. While most caterers and other venues were giving out cheese or some kind of weird crostini, Pittsburgh Blue was handing out a small cup with a LARGE prawn/shrimp in it. A bit of cocktail sauce was in the bottom of the cup. The prawns were some of the biggest I have ever seen, they were HUGE, and the cocktail sauce was spicy and delicious. Needless to say this sparked my interest in the place. I hopped on the chow boards to read some reviews and get opinions. I found nothing! I am either really bad with the search engine or nobody has written anything about it. What gives? Their website looks good, the menu items seem interesting, the cooking style of the meat intrigues me. They have oysters, steak, scotch, beer, onion rings, and other stuff that all sounds really good. Is this a Mecca of Meat I have missed out on? Can somebody shed some light on this place, and why I haven’t heard of it or been there yet?

Pittsburgh Blue
11900 Main Street North, Maple Grove, MN 55369

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  1. Perhaps you searched only this relatively new Minneapolis-St Paul board? Unless it was active at the time, a thread from prior to Jan 28, 2010 is over on the General Midwest Archive board.

    Some of the previous mentions: -- a full (& tepid) review

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      Ahh, yes, they should really make that "old" stuff searchable in this specific board. Glad somebody knows what they are doing though. I am little less excited after that review, but it was only one. Still not much on here about it though. Lots of reviews on open table, but I don't trust those people as much. :)

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        Please note that those were some of the previous mentions. There are 11 results for "Pittsburgh Blue" all together on Chowhound:

        The box on the Minneapolis-St Paul board that is labeled "Search this board" allows a user to search this board.

        The box on the Chow Search page that is labeled "Boards" allows a user to select "All" and search all boards from the Midwest group at once. Or pick something else, as needed.

        Either way, this place is so far out of my way that it would have to be much better to make a list. Seems to be good enough for the neighborhood but not good enough for a destination.

    2. Really not surprising that it doesn't show up on the Boards. PB is waaay out West. In general the outer burbs are a culinary wasteland. To justify making that trip, a place has to be really excellent. I have no doubt that PB is much better than the other fare beyond Golden Valley, but I haven't seen anything suggesting it is so good i would want to drive to Maple Grove for dinner. If it were downtown I probably would have tried it by now.

      1. In short: It is a Parasole restaurant (Chino Latino, Salute, Manny's, Muffuletta, Il Gatto, and previously: Figlio, Oceanaire, and Buca Di Bepo...there are probably others I am forgetting) that is essentially a suburban version of Manny's. A similar menu, similar cuts, similar style and service.

        If you've been to Manny's, PB is very familiar. Certainly not as good (especially the service) but good for that area.

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          PB is like Manny's little brother. I seem to recall a post here where someone was at Manny's asked about the bone in ribeye (as opposed to the ENORMOUS bludgeon of beef), and the waiter winked and joked "It was sent Pittsburgh Blue."

          Maple Grove what the world would look like if Big Box stores and chain restaurants got to design the world from the bottom up. Not very appealing, and given that it is not THAT far from downtown Minneapolis, most would suggest heading downtown to Manny's rather than staying in Maple Grove for PB.

        2. I love Pittsburgh Blue. We eat there almost every Saturday night. You should try it and judge for yourself. It's a Parasole restaurant and it's a lot like Manny's, but with less expensive options, though you can still spend a lot of money there if you choose. It has the same cuts of meat as Manny's. I live in Maple Grove, so it is convenient, but that is not the only reason I like it there. I like that when we walk in the door, they know our name. For whoever said the service is so-so, obviously, Jorge, Andrew, Teri, Val, Jana, Sarah or Dwan wasn't your server. Those are the names I can think of at the moment, and there are other very excellent servers. If you decide to go there, you will want to make reservations.

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          1. re: Suburban Girl

            Andrew, Jana and Jorge have been my server (our office is nearby and have dinners here). I stand by my statement. It isn't that the service is bad, they do not reproduce the service you get at Manny's (go there and request Joel Miller as your waiter).