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Mar 7, 2010 10:37 AM

Need new shop for frozen dumplings in Chinatown

I was heartbroken to see that Sun Dou Dumping Shop at 214 Grand Street in Chinatown had closed. I used to buy big bags of top-quality 50 frozen dumplings for about $10 each. Does anyone know another shop or restaurant in Chinatown that sells good frozen dumplings?

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  1. I gotta think all of the Chinatown dumpling shops sell their wares frozen, too. I think Prosperity Dumplings, which is probably the board favorite, sells 50 for $8.

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      I agree with the OP. Not every place has chicken dumplings, by the way...I have recently purchased frozen dumplings at Tasty Dumpling on Mulberry Street.(chicken and shitake, and shrimp and scallion) -- thick skins but they fry up nicely. Bags of 50... Suggest trying them...

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        You're right about chicken dumplings--they are actually quite rare.

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          Mmmm . . . I really like Tasty's chicken and shitake dumplings, although I haven't bought them frozen. They're a bit lighter than the pork w/o sacrificing much flavor, and you really get the texture of the shitakes.

      2. Sun Dou was my favorite too! But a dumpling counter on the corner of Grand and Chrystie (same market as fish etc.) and has similar selections and prices.

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          I think you're referring to branch of Hua Du Dumpling Shop. Their main location is on Eldridge and they seem to do more frozen than cooked.

        2. I've bought frozen dumplings from Vanessa's before and was pleased with the quality.

          1. Supertaste is my favorite. Juicy and lots of chives. I like Prosperity too but prefer Supertaste.

            1. What about tofu (or otherwise veggie) dumplings? Not for me, for my girlfriend.