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Need new shop for frozen dumplings in Chinatown

Manhattan Diner Mar 7, 2010 10:37 AM

I was heartbroken to see that Sun Dou Dumping Shop at 214 Grand Street in Chinatown had closed. I used to buy big bags of top-quality 50 frozen dumplings for about $10 each. Does anyone know another shop or restaurant in Chinatown that sells good frozen dumplings?

  1. Chandavkl Mar 7, 2010 11:13 AM

    I gotta think all of the Chinatown dumpling shops sell their wares frozen, too. I think Prosperity Dumplings, which is probably the board favorite, sells 50 for $8.

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    1. re: Chandavkl
      penthouse pup Mar 7, 2010 01:54 PM

      I agree with the OP. Not every place has chicken dumplings, by the way...I have recently purchased frozen dumplings at Tasty Dumpling on Mulberry Street.(chicken and shitake, and shrimp and scallion) -- thick skins but they fry up nicely. Bags of 50... Suggest trying them...

      1. re: penthouse pup
        Chandavkl Mar 7, 2010 09:32 PM

        You're right about chicken dumplings--they are actually quite rare.

        1. re: penthouse pup
          sholli Mar 8, 2010 07:48 AM

          Mmmm . . . I really like Tasty's chicken and shitake dumplings, although I haven't bought them frozen. They're a bit lighter than the pork w/o sacrificing much flavor, and you really get the texture of the shitakes.

      2. o
        olia Mar 8, 2010 08:11 AM

        Sun Dou was my favorite too! But a dumpling counter on the corner of Grand and Chrystie (same market as fish etc.) and has similar selections and prices.

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        1. re: olia
          Chandavkl Mar 8, 2010 09:03 AM

          I think you're referring to branch of Hua Du Dumpling Shop. Their main location is on Eldridge and they seem to do more frozen than cooked.

        2. m
          ManhattanLawyer Mar 8, 2010 08:40 AM

          I've bought frozen dumplings from Vanessa's before and was pleased with the quality.

          1. t
            traceybell Mar 8, 2010 06:08 PM

            Supertaste is my favorite. Juicy and lots of chives. I like Prosperity too but prefer Supertaste.

            1. l
              larssten Mar 12, 2010 04:24 PM

              What about tofu (or otherwise veggie) dumplings? Not for me, for my girlfriend.

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