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Mar 7, 2010 10:09 AM

Passover Coke

I want to stock up this year. Can someone let me know where and when they see this product. It should being showing up soon, right?

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  1. Giant Foods used to carry KfP Coke in all of their stores, but now stocks it only in their "Passover Superstores." Check this week's Giant circular to see where the nearest Passover Superstore to you is. I know Pikesville, Kentlands, Rockville Pike, all 4 stores in Silver Spring off the top of my head but there are probably 12-15 different ones in all. 2L bottles only should start showing up this week. This week's flyer for the 7 Mile Market in Pikesville has them 2/$3.

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    1. re: treetop tom

      They have it at the Giant on Chain Bridge Rd. in Mclean.

      1. re: treetop tom

        wow! i never thought of that giant in Kentlands as super anything. but that is good to know abotu them carrying the passover coke.

      2. In addition to the kosher stores Shalom's, Shaul's, and Koshermart, the Shoppers on Randolph Rd. and Magruders in Wheaton will both have, if they don't already. If I recall correctly, Shoppers had them for $1 last year.

        1. I bought some at the Shopper's at 7 Corners over the weekend. I've been seeking it out for years, but, alas, now realize that I prefer Coke with corn syrup after all. Oh well.

          1. Firehook Bakeries always sell Passover products including cake, brownies, and macaroons. They are baked fresh daily. You can also call ahead for a special order. They may be a bit more pricey than your average grocery store's Passover products, but the quality will be much better.

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            1. re: kara1515

              They, probably, also will not be Kosher for Passover.

              1. re: skipper

                I assume these are passover-friendly cakes? Never heard of this, and I live right next to a Firehook.

            2. kosher coke in Doylestown, PA at Delaware Valley College bookstore as of today. i bought a couple of two liter bottles this morning. They keep it in the store room; you have to ask for it. $1.99 a bottle.

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              1. re: happybill

                7MM 2/$3 ...Hmm. Does Wegmans Hunt Valley sell KP Coke? Or what's the price difference between Giant vs. 7MM? Wegmans Cheaper (I know Not KP 2L Coke is 0.99 @ Wegmans) I want to stock up!

                  1. re: beauxgoris

                    Give it another week or so. Traditionally within the Jewish community, Passover goods aren't sold until after Purim, which is March 20 this year.

                    I'm sure retailers won't honor that, per se, but that's when you'll probably see the explosion of Passover-friendly goods.