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Mar 7, 2010 09:59 AM

Orange County Restaurant with ridiculously large portions?

I was talking with a friend the other day about ridiculously large breakfasts (after we both were watching those TV shows on the travel channel about huge portions) and I recall that there was a restaurant that was all the rage maybe 15-20 years ago near Disneyland (I think) that served huge portions... like 12 egg omletes, etc but I am completely blanking on the name. I want to say they specialized in breakfast.

Anyone know the name of this place? And, are they still in business?

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  1. You must be thinking of Belisle's, formerly on the corner of Harbor and Chapman. The food portions were so ridiculously huge that, at first, I thought it was part of Disneyland, which opened the same year, I believe. It wasn’t, of course, and passed away about 15 years ago. Can’t say that I miss it. Eating there was mostly a novelty as the food was not at all memorable, except for the sizes.

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      If you want the same experience, replete with absolutely atrociously-overcooked food, go to John's Eat and Park in Burbank.

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        Yeah, it's most likely the long departed Belisle's.

        As for the food, I do remember you got a whole loaf of sweet cornbread with your meal. It was hot and delicious. I do not remember anything else.