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Mar 7, 2010 09:40 AM

Ramen California never disappoints

Had another great meal at Ramen California last night...nothing like a bowl of hot ramen on a rainy day. Mushroom ramen, which is not always on the menu, was available, and it was delicious...such a full, earthy flavor! Reggiano cheese tofu ramen was great as always. Last time we were there we discovered the wonders of ajitama ramen, featuring a half-boiled ajitama egg. We love this egg, and decided that it can go with ANY ramen as a we added the egg to both. We are fans of Ramen, it is not traditional ramen, but the ingredients are always super fresh and tasty, and it always hits the spot.

When Ramen California first opened, it was always very busy. But the last 2 times we've been there it's been mostly empty. The good news is, if you want to pay them a visit you will not have to wait for a table! The bad news is, I'm concerned that they won't last. So if you have been meaning to go, then go!

Ramen California
24231 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505

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  1. We've yet to make it out to this place because it is quite a trek to make from where we live - the Westside. And I'm guessing maybe this could be contributing to the surplus of seats. I know it's a unique ramen experience, but with so many other options along the way between us them, it's on the outer periphery of our ramen radar. Don't mean to sound unchowish, but...

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      If I lived on the westside, I admittedly wouldn't come all the way down to southbay just for this ramen. But maybe it would be worthwhile in combination with other chow destinations in the area? For instance, Patisserie Chantilly, which you've mentioned you enjoy, is just a few blocks away. Jonathan Gold just put their sesame cream puffs on his list of 99 things in L.A. to eat before you die.

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        You're absolutely right. I think we just have to be determined to try RC. We do this all the time for other places in the South Bay - why not for them... Thanks

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          Come summer time there is the wonderful Shakespeare by the sea at a park not too far from California Ramen. Ramen dinner and then free theatre under the stars... fun night out! :D


    2. It's a nice first tme visit sort of place, but after going a couple times, the place lost it's charm--it's probably part of the reason the last time I went (about two weeks ago) it was mostly empty on a Sunday evening. The "fresh, earthy" ramen novelty has worn off quickly. I'd probably only go back for the tomato oyster at this point.. That location might just be bad luck though--lots of different eateries have gone out of business in that spot. =T

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        I've been a few times and I still really like me, it's not a novelty anymore, it's just a place to get a good meal at a good price. Agree that location may be an issue, as it's not a "destination" restaurant, it's just a place to have a great bowl of soup when you are craving one.

      2. i've been meaning to go back to try their new ramens, but after several disappointing visits, it doesn't look like i'm going to bother.

        i love the idea, though. inspired by the pinkish hue of the reggiano cheese tofu ramen's beet stained soup, i made borscht ramen a while ago. it was awesome. =)

        1. This place is just awesome for ramen! No cons !!!

          1. Sorry to be a downer, but I wouldn't shed a tear if they went out of business. I was wholly unimpressed with their food.