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Mar 7, 2010 09:31 AM

Denver's Venice Ristorante Recommendations

I am being taken to Venice Ristrorante & Wine Bar on Wynkoop. Does anyone have recommendations as to what I should try or what I should stay away from? Please note that I will eat anything, so interested in eating what makes this restaurant stand apart. Thanks in advance for your consideration and effort.

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  1. I have been to Venice and Chianti several times (the Southern outposts) and have always enjoyed the food. But outside of the excellent carpaccio with arugula I can't remember anything I've had by looking at the menu on-line so I'm no help. We've never had a dish we thought was sub-par. It's a consistent place. Sorry I'm not more help. Please share what *you* have so we can learn :-)

    It's a tired rant- but I HATE the wine list prices and it keeps us from going more than once every 2 years.