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Mar 7, 2010 09:06 AM

great BYOB recs?

specifically, i'm looking for recommendations for a great and authentic "ethnic" BYOB restaurant - preferably non-french and non-thai. i'm open to a range of prices, but would also prefer something a little more on the authentic side and a little less on the high-end side (assumption here being these things don't often go hand in hand outside of the realm of new american/french, etc. - but if you know of something that's awesome and high end i would also love to hear about it).

more generally, if you have a great BYOB favorite (ethnic or not), i'd love to hear about that as well - we've collected several bottles of wine and are looking for great restaurants.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Many restaurants allow BYOB - you just pay a corkage fee. If you want to bring your own special bottle, you can just pay the corkage fee and enjoy your wine. This way you don't limit yourself to restaurants that don't charge corkage, and your options are much greater.

    For something interesting and BYO-friendly, you could do Kabab Cafe or Mombar in Astoria ( ask about them on the outer boroughs board)

    1. kuma inn is my fave

      (ps - what food isn't ethnic?)

      1. Gazala Place might work - Druse restaurant

        1. I love A Cafe and Wine Room (108th & Columbus Ave.) French-Carribean, $25 prix-fixe before 8 p.m. and no corkage fee (actually they don't serve any beverage other than water, IIRC.)

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            my fave is ivo and lulu (french caribbean); some may argue it's overdone and overrated but i never fail to have a wonderful time there.
            - peking duck house on mott st
            - cube 63 on the LES (sushi)

          2. Sigiri (Sri lankan cuisine) on 1st Avenue btw. 5th and 6th.

            Deli with wide selection of beers downstairs. Spanish wine store a few doors down.

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              i meant to add sigiri. was there again last night.

              if you like your food REALLY spicy - get the pork black curry and INSIST you want it sri lankan spicy.