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Mar 7, 2010 05:32 AM

Peruvian resto -Downtown Miami

Looking to find a recommended resto in downtown Miami....quality/authentic


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  1. I'd say Cvi.che 105, which is right in downtown (, is your best bet. I prefer it over La Licuadora, which is another option right downtown.

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      Thank you for both you prefer this or the one on Collins near 70th?

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        Personally, I prefer the spot on 70th/Collins, especially for the ceviche, but other dishes as well. I'd say more authentic but I've never been to Peru. It *feels* more authentic though. But be warned that it is a bit grungier (not that it's a total dive or anything--just not a fancy place).

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        We went to CVI.CHE 105 last weekend and were thoroughly impressed. It's a very lively place with patient and professional staff.

      3. Aside from Ceviche 105 there all also several along Biscyane Blvd. just north of downtown - seems like a new one pops up every day - but I haven't tried them yet.

        If you're willing to venture to the Gables, there's also Francesco and La Cofradia, a little fancier than other options (Cofradia moreso than Francesco). Salmon Salmon, on NW 7th St. near 27th Ave., also gets much love though I haven't been.

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          I've tried a few of the Peruvian places in that area, but prefer CVI.CHE 105. The others -- Limon y Sabor and Sabor a Peru -- are pretty good too. It's not a Peruvian place, but the DRB (Democratic Republic of Beer) off Biscayne at 14th has a Jalea that I really like (along with hundreds of different beers).

        2. El Senorial 1750 SW 3rd Avenue has no atmosphere but it has good food and particularly good seviche.

          1. I vote for Cvi.che 105 - one of my favourite restaurants in Miami...


            1. Has anyone tried D'Lima yet at 27 N Miami Avenue. I recently tried Peruvian at a hole in the wall on Coral Way and loved it. I now want to try many different Peruvian places. My South American friends tell me Peruvian food is considered to be the best. Is Francesco's really worth going to? Its been recommended but I am not so sure.

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                I had a delicious meal at La Perla on SW 152nd way west. I was able to communicate with some staff in Japanese when they could not speak English. The Japanese Peruvians are good food people. (stereotyping)

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                  I tried D'Lima a few weeks ago. The green tamale was great, but the sandwich (I think I got the Surco? It was a butifarra - very classic peruvian sandwich) was dry. The sauces, which are self-serve, are pretty decent, so I'll definitely give it another try. Overall, however, for a place that mostly does sandwiches, I was not impressed.

                  I think Francesco's is absolutely worth going to. I haven't had better Peruvian in this city, or actually, anywhere else in the States.

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                    Francesco's is definitely worth going to... it is delicious! The ceviches, conchas a la parmesana, seared tuna app, causas, and risottos are all amazing. Try the risotto a la huincaina as a side with your meal, it is awesome. Squid ink risotto there is also real popular.