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Mar 7, 2010 05:11 AM

Galveston Lunch Options

In Houston next week and planning a day trip to Galveston on Friday. Looking for lunch options for 4 adults. Seafood - fish or beef probably best for these folks . Reasonable price. Would love some ideas. Jen

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    1. Clary's



      would be my recommendations. I don't know what you consider reasonable prices but you should be able to get info at the links to help you decide.

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      1. re: texasredtop

        Is Miller's still open? It's more of a wanna-be diner/ dive, but their hamburgers are delicious, and their shrimp or oyster specials are killer. And you can't beat the view. (At least you couldn't - I assume it's still awesome.)

        It's low-brow, but in a very comfortable way.

        1. re: shanagain

          Miller's Cafe in Clear Lake is open, I didn't realize they had one in Galveston though. It's not as awesome as it was 5 years ago but still about the best burger in the area.

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            Uhoh, now I'm wondering if I've conflated two establishments. A quick google shows Miller's Landing, on the Seawall, but the picture is NOT the place I'm thinking of.

            Consider me baffled, and consequently of no help.

            1. re: shanagain

              Those are two different Miller's. Miller's Cafe in Clear Lake is a burger joint. I have always enjoyed the burgers there.
              Miller's Landing in Galveston is mostly a seafood place. It looks different because they redid it a couple years ago. Very nice inside now and prices seem to be the same. I didn't care for it the first time I went but my second visit was much better.

      2. If you want something really casual, Shrimp 'n' Stuff has a great po-boy.

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        1. re: zorra

          I must agree with zorra, Shrimp 'n Stuff has terrific po-boys...and ask for the remoulade sauce, it's killer!

          1. I would also suggest you try the Gumbo Bar on Postoffice downtown. Great little place and I feel they have the best gumbo on the island. They also have good poboys. It has become my routine to go there for a bowl of gumbo most Sundays after church. I prefer the seafood gumbo but they also have chicken and sausage, and prime rib gumbo.

            Gaido's is an institution on the island but definitely not reasonable. Their Casey's restaurant is more moderately priced but honestly I find it to be hit or miss, more when it comes to the service than the food.

            Two other spots that locals like is the Sunflower Cafe, and also Mosquito Cafe, both on 14th in the East End Historical District.

            The new Olympia Grill at 21st and Harborside has also become quite poplar among locals. It is very nice with a great view of the working harbor. If weather is nice they also have a great outside seating area.

            1. It appears I might be too late to this party.

              Two absolute must stops are Gilhooley's and Topwater, both in San Leon. Topwater Grill just reopened, and the oysters at Gilhooley's (roasted or raw) are awesome.

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              1. re: Bulldozer

                I am not a Gilhooley's fan, but since my last post I did eat at Topwater this past Friday night. It was very good. I had the fried soft shell crab and there were three nice size crabs served with fries and hush puppies. Dining companions had fish tacos that looked very good. Another had the crab cake dinner and was very pleased. I would definitely recommend Topwater if you are in the San Leon area.