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Mar 7, 2010 04:03 AM

ISO: Excellent espresso beans for home brew in the East End

Looking for quality and delicious espresso beans to brew on my machine at home... Does anyone know where I can get such a product? Thanks

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  1. Greenbeanery usually has fresh roasted and good choice at $11-$19/lb.
    Some are available on next day service.

    Green Beanery
    565 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

    1. a few options.

      1. Merchants of Green Coffee - - fair-trade beans that you can roast at home in your toaster over in 15 min.
      2. if you don't want to go that route, just stop into any of your favourite espresso cafes. we buy our beans from Broadview Espresso since we like their blend (Broadview just north of Danforth). for greater selection, you can try Mercury (Queen and Carlaw). they all run you $8 for 1/2 lb
      3. Dark City will ship you espresso for free (you need to buy 2 lbs)

      1. All of your suggestions are great ones....

        Haven't been to Green Beanery in a while - worth a revisit as is Mercury...

        But would like to check out Merchants of Green and Dark City - both of those ones are new to me.


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        1. re: Apple

          I am a big fan of Dark City, I have been gettin git delivered for about 5 months now. There is just something amazing about coming home to find a small box of freshly ground coffee is just a great way to finish a day. Quality is really good and the guy there is great to deal with.

        2. I love Balzac in the Distillery district. Superb coffee and the only place I have found in Toronto which sells my beloved Ethiopian Yirga beans.

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          1. re: munchieHK

            Yirgacheffe is fairly easy to find, and then there is Sidamo, made by a different process, from the same country.

          2. Dark City Coffe Company-416 282-2307. Not the cheapest but they deliver and have very good selection of blends (try Extra Butter) organics, fair trade etc. Been getting their coffee for a few years.