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Mar 7, 2010 03:51 AM

New Haven Mexican food lovers: What about the new place on Water Street?

We see that a new Mexican restaurant has opened on Water Street near the traffic light at it and Sargent Drive. I think this used to be a cafe-diner. It looks purdy on the outside! Any good inside?

At the side of the building was an old Ixtapa taco truck... I could tell because you could still see the ghostly Ixtapa letters on the side.
Also, I do not live in New Haven and, as a transplant from Texas, I still don't know all parts of it. Is this a gringo-friendly/new BMW friendly area for evening dining? Is it similar or different from where Guadalupe la Poblanita is in Fair Haven?

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  1. 10 year Texas transplant here. Yea, is a better area than the old Guadalupe location. Lots of legittimate business in the area, with Sage on the water, Brazzi's and Ikea.
    I haven't been. Let us know how the food is.