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Mar 6, 2010 11:26 PM

Salume or Salami

I'm obsessed with cured meat. Let me start with that. However, there are actually very few kinds of cured meat I like. I think I might just lack the taste-bud-range to explain what I'm looking for.

I first fell for a wonderful Landjäger I got in Wegmans in Rochester, NY. I didn't realize then that "Landjäger" did not refer to a universally delicious food.

Next I moved to Phoenix and onto prosciutto. The types I liked and the types I didn't were night and day. I was confused.

Again I got the bug with Columbus Artisan Salame, Most of it I did not like, but certain types became very addictive to me. I've had other Columbus products and did not enjoy, so I believed if I could learn about "real" salume, I would find what I liked. Unfortunately, after trying more and more types, I'm still in the dark. I might just have no "taste" at all.

I know one thing, I don't like salty cured meat. My favorite prosciutto is invariably imported, and invariably fatty. My favorite Salume is (*** dont judge me ***) Columbus Secchi:

Neither taste particularly salty. I just tried their Cacciatore. It just has too much flavor for me. I perceive this as salt, but my be wrong.

I think my dream food may be Lardo. I can't get that in the states. Can you give me any advice on quality "artisan" cured meats that have much more fat than salt? Thank you in advance Chow.

EDIT: I think what turns me off of the non artisan Salume is the vinigar / sour taste. For me, that always signifies a cheaper sausage. Also, I really don't like that flavor.

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  1. Lardo is my passion. After spending time in Tuscany recently, I became addicted. I love it super thinly sliced on toasted, salt-less pane toscano rubbed with some ripe delicious.
    As for where to find lardo in the US, check out these links: