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Mar 6, 2010 10:44 PM

ham/chorizo tasting in barcelona?

hello, im sure this question has been asked before, but im looking for some places where i could taste some different sausages, esp chorizo. im not that well versed in spanish sausages, so keep that in mind. also, i would like to send some back to the US, if possible...any tips/suggestions? thanks for any info!

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  1. If you are interested in jamon iberico, Jamonisimo c/Provenza is a must.
    As for chorizo/sausage tasting, it is more difficult to find places where one can sample a little pieces of a large assortment. Might try Charcuteria Casa Pepe on c/Balmes or Charcuteria Semon on c/Ganduxer where both have a small dining areas to eat some of what they sell. Also they will let you sample some cured sausages and meat product if you show interest in buying. Both places speak a little English but don't expect too much. The charcuteries in any mercado might do the same. Most tapas/pintxo places will serve chorizo and other sausages in small servings. Quimet y Quimet, a small stand up wine bar/tapas, has a good selection of cured meat.
    As for sending/bringing cured meat products back to the US, customs won't allow that. Check the US goverment customs website for the regulations.

    1. PBSF is correct. Unfortunately you can't bring in Jamon Iberico. However, it may be purchased, as well as other products from Spain, at La Tienda which is here in the US:

      BTW, the Jamon Iberico to get is the one that says Bellota <Jamon Iberico de Bellota> which is the top of the line. Have your fill of it in Spain and enjoy it with a real good red wine. While expensive there the Jamon Iberico de Bellota costs a small fortune here.

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        We'll be in Barcelona in June and look forward to tasting/buying some jamon. From Spain, we are continuing our trip onwards to a country that does not have restrictions on the import of cured meat products. How long would a vacuum-sealed package of jamon last? I've seen pictures of whole legs of ham hanging in restaurants and stores but I would guess that, once cut, the meat needs to be refrigerated. I plan to bring some ice packs anyway.

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          Because of the salt and the dryness, jamon will keep room temperature for months, therefore, it should not be a problem for you. Most tapas places will have a jamon displayed for slicing and do not refrigerate it at all.

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              Are you sure it will last that long once its sliced? I've bought sliced Iberico (and kept it in the refrigerator) and it tastes much different after 3-4 days.

              How much does Iberico cost in Barcelona?