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Mar 6, 2010 10:32 PM

The Chicago list

Only 5 days away and i think i have my final list for restaurants and bars. please let me know if I'm making good decisions. If you have any recommendation for attractions or thing to do let me know.

the publican
hot doug's

Violet hour
Nacional 27


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  1. Just a friendly reminder, discussion of night clubs and other attractions are out of scope for this food forum. Please focus on where to find good food and drink.

    1. They're good choices. I've never heard of Roof, but I'm not big on bars anyway.

      I assume you have reservations for the first three restaurants you list; the first two, in particular, are places that book up well in advance. I also assume you're aware of the geography and are allowing sufficient time to get to and from Hot Doug's and for the wait while there.

      If you're interested in a local snack, stop by one of the locations of Garrett's Popcorn ( ) in the Loop or off Michigan Avenue, for caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn, or a mix of the two. The new French Market ( ) just west of the Loop is good for a snack too. And Fox & Obel ( ) in River East is fun if you'd like to see our top upscale gourmet food shop, as well as for baked goods to go (don't miss the cinnamon swirl rolls!).

      For information on attractions and non-food things to do, see the city's official tourism website at (as well as the note from the Chowhound Team about not discussing such topics here).

      Let us know how you like everything!

      1. Just a suggestion....since you'll be staying at the Affinia downtown......C-House, which is on the ground floor. And before all of Chicago gets on my case, I'm a New Yorker who is in Chicago a week a month, at least, and have done so for the past 10 years, and who thinks the food scene here is at least as good as valet parking! It's chef-owner, Marcus Samuellson , who ohas owned Aquavit, in NYC, for about 15+ years, and who is in town frequently, has a great menu! I ate there, with my girlfriend about 2 weeks ago, and we were absolutely delighted. Now, if you are looking for a scene, or lots of noise and excitement, it's not THAT place! But great food, attentive service and an oasis of calm may be a relief. Try'll love it!