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Mar 6, 2010 10:16 PM

Good Eats at Lorimer + Metropolitan in Williamsburg?

I'm looking for a place to pick up lunch, or eat an early dinner. Cheaper is better. Don't know the neighborhood at all. Any good Mexican, or am I kidding myself? Thanks.

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  1. BABA on Lorimer is a must try. At its essence its a salumeria, but definitely full of pleasant surprises. Local and small batch salads and sandwiches make this place special. Crazy cheeses as well. Eat in or shop for the week. Cool sundries too!

    1. Yola's for Mexican, Saltie for a sandwich or M Shanghai Noodle Shop for, well, noodles.

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        Um, Motorino is just 3 blocks East on Graham Ave at Devoe. Does anyone know if the Brooklyn location is still offering the lunchtime special? For awhile there $10 got you a choice of pies and either a salad or soft-serve dessert. The EV location charged $12 - either way it was an insane value.

      2. hana for sandwiches, although there is nowhere to sit

        1. Dumont on Union Ave. is good for burgers, etc.

          1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I wound up getting take out from Yola. I think I probably didn't order the best thing, and they forgot to include our drinks. It would have been funny to go to Motorino - I live about a minute away from their Manhattan location. There's more in the area than I knew.

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              That's not suprising. Yola is beyond terrible.

              524 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211