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Recipes for using up 25 lbs of brown sugar?

Anyone? We bake a lot of cookies, cakes, etc., but most recipes don't call for more than 2 cups at a time. Open to confectionery suggestions as well. Savory (or as savory as they can be) recipes also welcomed.


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  1. - butterscotch anything
    - brown sugar cured or glazed salmon, ham, ribs, turkey...
    - blondies
    - chess pie
    - baked beans
    - brown sugar biscuits
    - brown sugar pound cake
    - brown sugar frosting/icing
    - brown sugar fudge
    - brown sugar ice cream

    1. Why do you need to use it up?

      It rarely goes bad, except it does harden, which can be remedied by a quick trip in the microwave.

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        Agreed, no need to rush on using it up. You can keep it in smaller zip top bags and if you put in a few slices of dried apple (get the kind that still has some moisture & chew) in the bag, you don't have to worry about it hardening....

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          It's not that I *need* to, but I'd rather not have it hanging around my house for 3 years taking up space. The bag is pretty huge.

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            I'm curious why you bought so much?

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              I definitely got a laugh out of E-M's 'Anne of Green gables' reference below. We were out of brown sugar, because we have been doing a lot of baking, so my husband put it in the cart at Costco when I wasn't looking. It's just regular C&H medium in a gigantic brown bag. The funny thing is that when we got home we found we still had 5 more pounds in the cabinet that we had somehow missed. So I'm really trying to use up 30 pounds of brown sugar.

        2. IF I had 25 pounds of brown sugar on hand, and generally used only 2 cups at a time for a recipe, I woud use my vacuum sealer. Make packets containing the 2 cups measure. Each time you make a recipe you already have it conveniently portiopned out.

          No vacuum sealer? Well then, just use the small plain "zip-lock" bags, and if hardened, as "ipsedixit" suggested.....there's always the microwave!

            1. I guess you could give 100 Pork Butts that "thing that fell out of space" appearance.

              1. Anyone read "Anne of Green Gables" lately? ;)

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                  macadamia butter caramel corn? with chopped macadamias? that sounds terrific.

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                    here's the recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/s...

                    looks great -- i'd like it with pecans!

                2. Caramel corn!
                  Martha has a pretty good Macademia butter caramel corn, and I hear Nancy Silvertons recipe is really good too.

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                  1. Wow - i'm so jealous - I can't tell you how many times I ran to the store during the past few holidays to re-stock my brown sugar. I second all of the suggestions - especially the penuche (brown sugar fudge) and caramel corn. I also add brown sugar to Thai sauces and curries and it makes a decent substitute for jaggery in Indian recipes too. I wish I could give you some recipes for the aforementioned but I'm nowhere near my recipe stash at present - seems like you've got some room to experiment though. Good luck!

                    ps - at one point I was gifted with about 5 pounds of brown sugar when a friend moved and it lasted a long time. I just microwaved it or put a piece of bread in the bag overnight and it was soft again.

                    1. rabaja had a great suggestion with the caramel corn idea...do you have any occasions coming up soon that might require gifts? you could make big batches, bag it up and give them away. you could also make some brown sugar brittle to include while you're at it.

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                        Hmmm. Good idea. We do have a pre-schooler's birthday party coming up. Do you have a recipe for brown sugar brittle? It sounds great! Thanks.

                        1. re: TerriL

                          this is a great traditional peanut brittle recipe, and you can just sub brown sugar for about 2/3 of the white sugar...


                      2. Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread
                        Bruleed Bread Pudding (i'm a big fan of gooey crispy brown sugar topping)
                        Acorn Squash http://savorysweetlife.com/2009/10/ac...
                        Glazed Bacon Wrapped Smokies - wrap mini smoked sausages in bacon, secure with toothpicks, then sprinkle with brown sugar and bake til the brown sugar is melted and glazey
                        Also combine BS with ketchup and place in a loaf pan, then fill with your fave meatloaf recipe and bake. invert to serve.

                        1. I envy you! It drives me nuts that they sell white sugar in five and ten lb bags, but brown is only in two-pounders! You can use the brown sugar for anything you can use white sugar for if you don't mind the extra 'caramel' colouring. It makes great cakes and cookies... and to use a bit more of it up, make caramel sauce.

                          1. What's your time frame for using it up? I mean... assuming that you don't want to use it all within the next month or so...

                            1. The only savory recipe I can think of off hand that uses a decent amount of brown sugar is chicken marbella.


                              1. Make some Korean meat marinade (bulgogi/kaibi) and freeze some.