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Mar 6, 2010 06:44 PM

Foodie Challenge 40th B'day

Ok fellow hounds,

I have a milestone B'day coming up and get to pick my b'day dinner place. Where would you go AND WHY?

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  1. Funny that you want your big day to be in some way extraordinary. I tend to go for comfort when I get my chance to pick. What do you really want? Go get that. On various occasions for me it's been steak at parkside, calamari at enoteca vespaio, or fried shrimp at the little boat-shaped dive around the corner. Your best shot is to get what you personally crave.

    1. I spent my 50th at Chez Nous with friends, and it was phenomenal. Small and cozy, yet first class food and service. French rustic is how I'd describe their food, but no stuffiness here.

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        That's one of the places that came to mind, along with Jezebel

      2. wow! i was just tooling around the board trying to figure out the exact same scenario. :) i turn 40 in June and am attempting to decide where to go for a spectacular meal.

        went to Jezebel for my bday two years ago and it was Fantastic. one of the best bottles of wine i've ever had: Betts & Scholl Barossa Valley Grenache and the slow-braised colorado lamb shank was an absolute luxury. you should definitely consider it!

        others possibles on my list (mainly because i have yet to go) are Fabi & Rosi and Olivia's.
        another fave is Eastside Cafe because of their commitment to using local ingredients as well as growing their own.
        happy 40th!

        1. when you say "coming up", do you mean in the next few weeks, or this year?
          my reason for asking is someone may want to suggest something completely special and seasonal.

          also, do you have your heart set on one place, with certain dining companions?
          or would you be willing to do a "foodie crawl" so that you could try the thing(s) that a place does very well, have the chance to meet up with various people, etc.?