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Mar 6, 2010 05:46 PM

Juniper in Hastings on Hudson

I'm a little ambivalent about telling everyone about this little treasure. Not many tables, but the food is excellent! A wonderful neighborhood place with nice service and top rate meals -- their breakfast items (french toast with pears and almonds, for example) are outstanding and for dinner they have great salads, hanger steak, duck...and also mac & cheese. No liquor license and they were very gracious about serving the bottle of wine we brought. The ambience is diner style, but with a sophisticated feel. Lovely photographs, a selection of high-end cookbooks to peruse. It's a nice addition to the Rivertowns.

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    1. Argh... I hate to agree with you because getting a table has become very difficult. The reviews in NYTimes, Lohud and Westchester are spot on. Delicious food, excellent prices and horrible service (but they are trying). This is the type of restaurant I've been waiting for to open up in Hastings.

      I had dinner there on Saturday and returned on Sunday for brunch. Yeah it's that good.

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        I just stopped by this amazing restaurant on Thursday and I must say I will be coming back again and again and again. I had their special lamb dish and it was superb. The price came as a slight shock since it has been reviewed to be an affordable eatery so let's hope the fame is not getting to them. The service is very good although a hostess may be necessary to pick up the phone and better arrange reservations but the wait was definitely worth it. Me and my friends are hoping the rise in prices is not a trend because for what is being offered (no coat check, no hostess, no crudités (or bread for that matter), the price point is exactly what the town wants. Good and honest service, unique and delicious food and cozy atmosphere... what more can we ask for!

        Cheers Juniper

        1. re: dobbsdobbs

          Most of the dinner entrees are $18 to $22. The lamb special which was not on the menu is $28. I've gone back a few times since and the food is still excellent and service seriously lacking.

      2. We went there last week and thought the food was delicious. Service was friendly and fine, though we were there earlier in the evening and they were not too crowded (but they were fully booked for the night and turned many walk-ins away). We had the asparagus salad with egg (amazing!) and calamari with chick peas and chorizo to start. My husband had salmon over risotto with peas and I had the brisket burger. Everything was terrific, and as soon as we left we talked about returning. Very rare for us in Westchester.

        1. We had been recommended to Juniper, and all I can think is that the restaurant was having an off night because it definitely wasn't the place recommended to us. We waited 20 min after our reservation time to be seated. Most of the food was very good though a few dishes didn't quite work and most things (including the soup) were served lukewarm. Most surprising was the inattentive service: empty plates sat on the table for 20 min and more while staff sat chatting and reading at the bar, and no one throughout the entire meal asked us how we were doing.

          575 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706