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Mar 6, 2010 05:39 PM

Amazing fine-dining restaurants in Montreal that's open on Sundays

Hi there,

My bf n I r wondering which fine-dining restaurants in Montreal are open tomorrow, sunday. I was planning for us to go to La Porte tomorrow, but just realized that it's not gonna be open.

We don't have any particular preferance on the kind of food, as long as it's not a steakhouse and seafood. We prefer a tasting menu but doesn't have to.

If you know any great fine-dining restaurants that main dish is not seafood or steak, and other than Europea, Toque!, Queue de Cheval and Raza, and that's open tomorrow, please recommend them to us!

Thanks in advance. :)

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  1. Okay I found one I think we would like...

    Laurier Raphael's gourmet menu, has anybody tried that? Comments?

    1. I think La Chronique is open on sunday ( at least that's what is says on their webby.




      1. Hi. La Chronique and Le Jolifou are both open on Sundays and each has a tasting menu and very good food.