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Mar 6, 2010 05:22 PM

Mexican restaurant near Sheppard subway--what's it called? And is it decent?

I may be in that neighbourhood tomorrow evening and I've seen a Mexican place on Yonge in that area but can't remember the name.

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  1. Was it Bar Burrito?? (Check out link)

    If it is, I went a couple of times a few years ago. Bah. Not so much. At least I thought so at any rate...

    1. Back in the spring of '07 I had a takeout burrito from Bar Barrito. It was ok. Bland but edible.

      Pictures should be here:

      Last summer I went again and sat on the patio. The food was even blander and all the items tasted the same. Our patio seating was pretty vacant while the restaurants around us were packed to overflowing. The outside eating area fronts onto Yonge St. and is great for people watching, but not peaceful. You have to enjoy car fumes too. If you drink enough beer, it doesn't matter what the food tastes like.

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        Thanks guys. Sounds like I don't really want to go there! Maybe it will be Asian Legend instead...

      2. I agree with the comments above. Edible but bland and unsatisfying. Don't waste your money.