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Mar 6, 2010 04:08 PM

farmer's market kumquats?

Curious if anyone has seen kumquats yet this season at their local FM (i know they are at BB and WF, but I would prefer a local grower). Was hoping to see some at Grand Lake or Jack London's farmer's markets by now (live in the Oakland), but haven't yet. Am I missing something?

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  1. I am pretty sure I saw that at the Berkeley Farmers Market.

    1. I saw some at Temescal last Sunday.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Cool, thank you both for the quick reply! I'll try to hit up Temescal tomorrow.

        1. re: pockyjunkie

          Managed to get over to Temescal at the end of the market today - scored some good (not too thickly-skinned, tart but flavorful) kumquats from visalia and some excellent kara kara oranges. I'll be pickling/preserving all the kumquats I can restrain myself from eating fresh.

      2. Berkeley- specifically a vendor who usually has a large number of persimmons about mid-way through the market on the North side. Had them 3-4 weeks ago and many weeks before that.

        1. There is a vendor at Alemany Market , De Santis, I think ,with an amazing selection of citrus, including the only Bergamot I've ever seen. Not only has she kumquats, but kumquats crossed with grapefruit, and with tangelo too. Worth the trip, but don't disrespect her fruit. Word.

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            Monterey Market occasionally has bergamot . I take one to work and let the young chefs guess the mystery fruit by the scratch and sniff method.

            1. re: wolfe

              Monterrey market also has local kumquats.

              Dpn't discount Berkeley Bowl on local.

              They don't mark them, but if you has, they will tell you which are local. Last year I sampled seven different varieties ok kumquats at the Bowl ... some with leaves still attached which ... though I didn't aski ... is a pretty darn good indicator of local ... those citrus leaves dont last long before wilting or drying up .. and these were perky green leaves.

              Pretty much if it is in-season in California it is usually local ... and you can always ask.

            2. re: little big al

              sounds wonderful, little big al - thank you for the tip. I'll definitely check her stand out next time I am over in the city.

            3. Saw kumquats for sale yesterday at the Berkeley FM - don't know the name of the vendor, but they were set up near the eastern end of the market, on the north side.