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Mar 6, 2010 03:07 PM

First Trip To Miami - Help!!

I'm going to be in Miami from Los Angeles at the end of March for 3 days. I'm looking for places that are great and won't break the bank. I'm preparing to dine alone for most of my outings so solo friendly places are preferred. I'm hoping to try the stone crabs and would like to have some great cuban food. I'll need places for mostly lunch and breakfast. I'll probably be car-less but I'm staying at the Carlton Hotel on Collins Ave. So anything withing walking distance would be great.


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  1. Here is a walking distance list

    El Chalan
    a la folie
    Alibi -- cheesesteaks and cupcakes
    bbq beach
    puerto sagua
    joes take out (about a mile away but your best option for stone crabs)