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Mar 6, 2010 02:55 PM

King Tut and Toddler trip

I'm headed to Toronto this weekend with my husband and 18 month old toddler to have a look at the On-going King Tut museum. We are staying at the Cambrige suites hotel downtown and am looking for cool breakfast and dinner options near the hotel and some lunch recommendations somewhere in the city where my kid won't bother people if he needs tu run around a bit.


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  1. For lunch, the Queen & Beaver is a new gastropub about a 10 minute walk north of your hotel. They are kid-friendly and have a kids' menu (although it's not posted on their website).

    Right across from the museum (eastward) is Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner cafe, which is also an option for families. Unfortunately, the website seems to be in transition at the moment.

    ~no relation to the chef~

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      The Gardiner Museum is across from the Royal Ontario Museum, but the King Tut exhibition is at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

      Some places near the AGO:

      Art Square is an art gallery/cafe right across from the AGO. Their specialty are crepes. It's an okay place for a light lunch, but I like it more as a place for dessert and coffee.

      Queen Mother is a very bustling casual restaurant where your toddler will be fine.

      For places close to your hotel:

      The Senator is a classic diner just a few blocks north that would make a great breakfast stop.

      Harlem is a soul food place that's open for lunch and dinner that's very close to you.

      Terroni is just around the corner. It's a very popular rustic Italian place. I believe the location near you is open in the morning for espresso and pastries as well as for lunch and dinner.

      You're also fairly close to the St. Lawrence Market. If you have time, it's definitely worth a trip, especially early Saturday morning when the north farmer's market is also open.

      Have a great stay!

    2. The Tut exhibit is at the AGO, if you are looking for a good quick lunch try the cafe in the basement at the AGO. Really very good and not too expensive. If you are looking for somewhere to let the toddler blow off steam the Off the Wall children's section is open in the morning (I think until 1 or so) in the basement of the AGO as well. As a parent of a 3 years old, I highly recommend it!

      There are also lots of Chinese restaurants around there any they tend to be pretty easy going about small people. :)

      As to food options, Cambridge is at Richmond and Yonge. If you go early in the afternoon, Terroni does work well for kids (Adelaide east of Yonge)

      1. Thanks! I can't wait to try them out. Haven't been to Toronto in a while so this should be nice.

        1. We had a great breakfast with our then 2 year old at the King Edward Hotel. They brought his food first and he had an entire lobby and second floor to explore.

          1. We love going to Dynasty for dim sum on the weekends. It is the most child friendly restaurant in the downtown core IMO. It is about a block from the ROM and parking is inexpensive underneath (they will credit you half of the parking on your bill).