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Mar 6, 2010 02:46 PM

Best place to eat alone

Will be in town for work and was wondering the best places in and around City Hall to eat alone. Somewhere that is lively and has great food.

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  1. The Reading Terminal market is a 5 minute walk from city hall. It has a wide variety of food that is great from many vendors, it is lively and you are likely to catch some live music at lunch time.

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      Yeah thehungrything just gave the definitive answer.

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        Agreed, There is no better place for "lunch".

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. OK, this is not super close to City Hall, but I think places where you can eat at the bar are fun when you're alone, and you can do so at Zahav and the food is good (middle eastern, small plates). Location is south of Walnut Street between 2nd and 3rd:

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          Zahav is good, would also add bar at the Ritz 10 Arts, Chris's Jazz cafe

        2. i imagine if you are in town for business you are looking mainly for lunch and dinner recs.

          For lunch:
          grocery on 13th for great soups
          reading terminal
          cafe old nelson (one right at broad and the other on 13th up from grocery)

          for dinner -
          good dog - on 15th great burger
          village whiskey - so much easier to get a seat at the bar if you are alone!
          el vez - decent mexican food and great bar placement for people watching
          rouge - friendly bar staff and great people watching

          hope this is not too late

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            First things that came to my mind: Good Dog if you want a beer with the meal, RTM if you don't!

          2. Try the food court at the Bellview. Lots of good choices, and lots of attractive people to watch.

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              or at the bellevue. :) i am not a stickler for spelling, but this 'un might confuse the OP.