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Mar 6, 2010 02:37 PM

Amazing Spare Ribs with Spicy RIce Powder at Flushing Mall

The dan dan noodles were forgettable at the Chengdu Snacks stall at Flushing Mall. But the steamed spare ribs with spicy rice powder were the best I've had in about 25 years, since the demise of Chinatown's TIng Fu Garden. Meaty little chunks of rib on the bone in a mound of moist, fluffy spiced rice flour, with soft carrots mixed in--fabulous and only $4.50. Other versions I've tried recently have been either bland, dry, or full of totally fatty pork. This one was sublime. Photo attached.

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  1. Hey, Peter - I was thinking of you - have a great "vacation"!

    A quick note - this is ChengDu Snacks in the Flushing Mall (39th st), and NOT ChengDu Heaven in the Golden Mall (Main St). I was confused before checking your blog, so I thought others might find this helpful, too!