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Mar 6, 2010 02:11 PM

Taiwanese Pineapple Pastries

Although I am usually an Earl Grey and shortbread gal, I have fallen in love with these lovely pineapple delicacies from Asia.

Anyone know where I can pick these up in LA? Maybe somewhere in Chinatown? I have to admit the only two landmarks I'm familiar with in Chinatown are Empress Pavilion and Phoenix Bakery, so you will have to talk in terms of those two locations for me :)

Thanks in advance. You will be bringing me a little slice of heaven with my morning and afternoon tea!

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  1. The prepackaged types are easily found in the Chinese markets. Some - not all - of the Chinese bakeries carry them. I was at Kiki Bakery on Garvey and Garfield this AM - they had them along with strawberry and and (I think) melon, for $1.20 per. Didn't try them but their goods are pretty good in general.

    1. There is only one bakery in SF that sells these pastries fresh. Sorry, don't know any in LA but definitely you can get them in a variety of flavors in most of the Chinese supermarkets.

      1. Believe Tanbii Bakery in the interior mall at Garvey and San Gabriel in Rosemead has a selection. Many San Gabriel Valley bakeries carry them, but Chinatown, I don't think so. Wonder Bakery near the Broadway gate would be the most likely candidate since they're more modern than the other bakeries in L.A. Chinatown.

        1. Best (but pricey) ones I've had.

          Locations in San Gabriel, Montery Park, Rowland Heights. Grab the grocery ones if you must, but really, the taste does NOT compare - compare packaged cookies from the grocery to ones from a bakery.

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            I just had fresh, fluffy, taiwanese pineapple pastry at JJ Bakery in Arcadia (in same shopping center as the illustrious Din Tain Fung) My taiwanese friend was thrilled with the texture and consistency of this. there was a coffee cheese bread that was fantastic.
   will tell you were all their locations are

            1. re: whycook

              Thanks for the tip about JJBakery. It looks as if they have more locations than KeeWah, and even one in Irvine. I love KeeWah Bakery, but don't make it to SG that often.
              JJCakes look outstanding, on the website, any body tried them??

            2. re: jessicatl

              Also available from all the I-Fu-Tang:

              The San Gabrile branch:
              1611 S San Gabriel Blvd
              San Gabriel, CA 91776

              has 'em fresh daily. Again, pricey, but darn good.

            3. Hi, jess429!
              I also love these Taiwanese pineapple "cookies" with tea and think you have been offered some good advice here. The Asian bakeries will have a much fresher cake than you can find in a box, and JJ Bakery -- as whycook has noted -- is a good one.

              As has been pointed out, the pineapple pastries are available in a box in the cookie aisle in almost every Chinese market I know. However, there can be a difference in the ingredient list from one brand to the next. I like to find the boxes with the fewest "chemicals" and artificial additives; I know there is at least one popular brand with only a few ingredients -- and all of them are "real." Still, I would opt to purchase them in a bakery.