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Mar 6, 2010 02:00 PM

Michelle Bernstein's @Omphoy Palm Beach

I recently had an outstanding meal at Michelle Bernstein's fairly new spot at the Omphoy Hotel in Palm Beach. I went with three "starters" in lieu of an entree. The foie gras with chocolate mole, crispy sweetbreads and bbq pork belly special were all winners.

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  1. Just a quick note about my second visit to MB. Whereas everything was perfect on the first visit (both food and service), the service was not up to par the 2nd time around, although the food still shined. The first odd thing was their policy of not permitting anyone to be seated until the entire party is present. I had booked my reservation on Open Table and noted in the comments that four of us would be celebrating one's birthday and that some of us would be arriving a little earlier than the 6:30 reservation I made and would like to sit at the requested window table for a few drinks before dinner. When 3 of us arrived at 6:20, they refused us entrance into the restaurant until the fourth arrived (who unfortunately for us didn't arrive until 6:40). Seemed like an odd policy for a place of this caliber and cost money to them as we ended up not ordering a round of cocktails that we would have had had we been seated those few minutes early. When we were seated, we were given our menus right away, but no wine list. 10 minutes later the waiter arrived to take our drink order and that's when we were first able to ask for the wine list. Another 5-10 minutes passed before he returned for our drink orders again. From that point forward, everything was fine until it was time for our desserts to be delivered to the table. For some inexplicable reason, mine arrived only after everyone else had finished theirs. It wasn't a souffle or anything that would take extra long to prepare. Worse was that no waiter came by to explain that it would be forthcoming or to even allow us to inquire about it. Interestingly enough, the first time I dined here, I had the same waiter and he provided great service with no lapses. Perhaps it was because MB and husband were present and working that night and not this time around. The other change between the two visits was that there were no longer any specials of the day and only the printed menu was offered. My friends who had never dined there before enjoyed their meals as did I, so I would probably return albeit with a little hesitancy about the Jekyll and Hyde service issues.

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      I have to agree with you on the policy not to seat until all are there. I do not understand way they dont want you to spend money on drinks while you wait for the rest of the party

    2. Do they have the same menu at the outside bar/lounge area or is it a limited menu,.. or is it the same dining area?

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        Judging by the bar menu on the Omphoy website, the menus are not the same (see link below). It is definitely not the same dining area as they are on two different levels. The bar/lounge/ terrace is one flight of steps up from the lobby where you walk in and the restaurant is up yet another flight (although there is an elevator).

      2. Wife and I heading here this coming week for first time. I'm getting the fried chicken. Pork belly will also be hard for me to pass up.

        Any other recos?

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          I definitely recommend the fried chicken. Also on a side note sells discounted gift certificates for here.

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            Short ribs, fried chicken, and whole fried branzino are all excellent. But the fried chicken with honey and hot sauce is special and comparatively cheap.

            Go about 6:30 and get a table near the window to watch the kitesurfers during DST

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              Thanks for the recos coffey and 4zfood... I will be dining Tuesday night and will report back.

              I'll be interested in the service... comments from another online site are decidely mixed concerning that aspect... even from veteran commentators (by # of posts)... so... we shall see.

          2. Food is fab -- get the apps and cocktails by the beach. fired artichokes, fried chicken, devilled eggs, butter lettuce salad -- yum!