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Mar 6, 2010 01:36 PM

Dozier's Barbecue in Fulshear

Anyone know anything about this? Somebody recommended it to me, but I had never heard of it. The link/website appears to be broken (as of today, anyway).

Anyone know if it's still even in business?

And if so, what are the best things to order...brisket? Ribs? Sausage?


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  1. The brisket and ribs used to be great, but it's been at least 10 years since I've been. The pepper bacon from the meat market side was outstanding. Back in the day, say twenty years ago , it was legendary, really delicious.

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    1. re: James Cristinian

      Just curious...

      If it was so good, why have you not been for at least ten years?

      Perhaps I should give it a go and get back with a report.

      1. re: Jaymes

        Twenty years ago it was great, ten years ago, I was just dating my wife of two years plus. That was my last trip. To be honest, I don't remeber how good it was. Maybe it was my forty year old hormones raging. I'd take her to many local Texas destinations, Surfside, Navasota, the valley, Galveston/Seabrook, San Antonio, Luling, Lockhart, an aborted trip to the hill country beaten back by an ice storm, etc many others, plus Nawlins,. we never made it back. I want to do it again. If either of us go, I know we'll report back. Also if we drive 45 minuts to an hour for bbq, it's going to be Galvan's in Richmond, pretty much the only bbq I eat around here. I had Pierson's once, it was good, but I prefer Galvan's.

    2. Lovingly described in Walsh's Legends book. As I recall he was particularly high on the ribs but everything I had was great. The best of all the places using pecan. Then something happened - pit boss retired, change of ownership, cost cutting?? Went way downhill imo. You never hear of it anymore. I haven't been in years but nothing I know of in Houston compares to my memories of what it was.

      It would be major good news if it's 'back.' Check out Walsh's write up before you go if you have it, to be prepared for, hopefully, the best.

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      1. re: dexmat

        Caveat emptor. I take everythiing Walsh writes with an enormous grain of salt.

      2. I hit them up 3 or 4 times last year and each time swore it would be the last. Mediocre and overpriced best describes it now. Like others here have posted back in the day when Fulshear was out in the sitcks it was worth the ride. Now I just ride on by....

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        1. re: TXStingray

          Ray's Grill, OTOH, may be worth a stop. I plan to find out soon.

          Too bad about Dozier's--when we used to stop there, the brisket was pretty good, but not really worthy of a special trip. I do love Galvan's brisket and ribs. Incidentally, they have boudin in their meat case, but I haven't tried it yet.

          1. re: zorra

            We used to go to Dozier's several times a year, usually on a Sunday since it's a nice drive from where we live. About 2 years ago we went up we swore we'd never go back. Same management at the time, but different pit boss and the sausage that used to be made onsite seemed to come from Hillshire Farms. Different grind of meat, different smoking (non existent). Brisket was OK but not the same. We haven't been back

            Dozier's Grocery
            PO Box 676, Fulshear, TX 77441