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Mar 6, 2010 12:34 PM

Awesome Fried Chicken MSP?

Hi all,

First post, and I just wanted to say that this board has been a tremendous help to me since I moved to the cities a couple years ago. As an AZ transplant, your Mexican recommendations have been a lifesaver, even if I'm still bummed that really good green chile doesn't really exist here.

Anyhow, one thing that I've yet to nail down is a really good fried chicken spot. I'm hoping you kind folks can help a brother out. For reference, I live in St. Louis Park.


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  1. I'm a fried chicken fan too. Right now, there isn't much to recommend. Check out the other thread:

    When I want really good chicken, I go to the Coop in South St. Paul.

    1. Fried chicken is not exactly a Minnesota restaurant staple. I can't think of any place off hand that features and promotes it as something special. Whereas in states like Indiana and south fried chicken is a featured item that many restaurants stake their reputations on.

      I ate a lot of green chili cheeseburgers in the Southwest last fall. That's big in the four corner states. Burger Jones in Minneapolis features a green chili cheeseburger. As for just a bowl of green chili, who knows? The Loon Cafe in Minneapolis features a green chili pork stew as one of their five different chili varieties.

      'Dirty Pork Stew
      A green chili pork stew loaded with onions, chiles, tomatoes, lean hand-cut chunks of pork in a delicious spicy garlic sauce. As served at the LaTolteca Tortelleria in Azusa, California for over forty years. Thanks Tim & Ben! We top it with cheese, green onions and sour cream. Served with flour tortillas."

      1. Ok, I am going to preface this by saying that I haven't been there, yet, but Pittsburgh Blue advertises their "Sunday Supper" as a Fried Chicken with homemade coleslaw and sweet corn. It's $10 per person. Not being a huge consumer of fried chicken, I probably won't be the one to test it out, but if you do, let us know how it turns out.

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          I recently had the Sunday Supper fried chicken, and I would give it thumbs down. It was an excellent value, with a large breast piece, leg, and thigh for like $8.99. However, the chicken was particularly dry, and it suffered the tell tale sign of poor preparation- the skin/breading pulled away in large sheets. I gave it a healthy dose of salt, and called it a lesson learned.

        2. Well, welcome!

          I can't add anything to this thread as KFC is my fav todate. And I can't cook fried chicken. I'm just an idiot at doing it (can't make mash 'taters, either and both failures make me cry.).

          But I will be watching this thread and hope recs are not limited to far west locales as I would love to find some great moist/juicy/greasy (that's a running theme with me! LOL!) chicken with a crispy/crackley/tastey crust in the STP area.

          I realize what I'm about to say will not be that helpful so I'm hoping fellow 'Hounds can fill in for me. I've heard that the joint located at the corner of Minnehaha and McKnight, the north east corner - right by 3M, has GREAT broasted chicken. Never had it, can't remember the name o'the place, and have no idea if it's even still there.

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          1. re: green56

            Agree with The Coop in SSP. They have very, very good fried chicken.

            1. re: green56

              Once it opens for the season, you might try the Dari-ette's fried chicken (call ahead to order). We had some last year and thought it was pretty good... fresh fried to order, at least, which seems to me to be a significant part of getting fried chicken right (freshness). We've also had Rooster's, which is also not bad.

              1. re: mtullius

                This is the second rec I've had in about a month for Dari-ette's fried chicken.I'm going to have to try that when the season starts up again!


              2. re: green56

                The place is the 5-8 Tavern and grill...Strange I live just around the corner but never heard about their chicken...But around 4:30-5 if your across the street a Sarracks International you can smell somethin good in the air. Maybe it is the chicken...Will let you know.

              3. Here's the other fried chicken thread:

                Skinners and The Coop are not bad if you are in the neighborhood, but it's a long way from the western suburbs. Otherwise, Popeye's fills the bill for a guilty pleasure.

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                1. re: KTFoley

                  I find that Cub stores have really nice fried chix.