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Mar 6, 2010 12:03 PM

Best restaurant to celebrate after proposing

Chowhounders, I'm looking for some advice on where to go after I propose to my girlfriend (assuming she says yes of course:-) Right now I am thinking of going to Saam at the Bazaar, Patina at Walt Disney Hall or The Dining Room at the Langham in Pasadena. I am looking for a unique, memorable experience with great food and a romantic atmosphere. Out of my choices, what do you think? Or should I be thinking of going some place else?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ahem Ipse!! However the Langham is a great choice even if it is only for the restaurant and bar. Take your banker with you because it is not inexpensive.

      1. If you go for an early dinner so you still have a bit of light this place is not only fabulous but romantic but insist on getting a table on the first floor.

        Saddle Peak Lodge
        419 Cold Canyon Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302

        1. re: Hughlipton

          My vote would also go for Saddle Peak Lodge. You can't beat the food and it's one of a kind atmosphere. A very special occasion restaurant.

          1. re: wienermobile

            As long as his (hopefully) finance is not freaked out by the wall mounted taxidermy on display it's an excellent choice.

            1. re: Servorg

              Great Freudain slip on 'finance.'

              1. re: mc michael

                After nearly 25 years of marriage I think I spelled it right... ;-D> (just kidding honey!)

      2. I love the atmosphere at Melisse and think it would be fantastic for a romantic dinner. I think it is much more romantic than Patina. Saddle Peak Lodge also has a fabulous atmosphere.

        1. The Langham is a solid choice. They also have a great lounge area (not the bar) where you can have a quiet moment alone and have a nice drink after dinner. If you're staying the night, dinner at Mar Sel in the new Terranea resort in PV can't be beat, and the rooms are tdf!

          1. Patina is a little cold to me. Of Splichal's downtown spots, i like Zucca better for its ambience. The other picks sound swell. I like Drago Centro as well. If you tell them in advance, I think any of these spots could come up with a special dessert. One thing you might consider is which, if any, any of these spots will be around for years to come if you want to revisit on anniversaries. There's also a nice restaurant at The Montage in BH.

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              One last thought would be a truly outstanding Chinese Restaurant especially if you know the owner. I proposed to my first wife at a Chinese restaurant and had the engagement ring courtesy of the owner baked into a fortune cookie. My then to be finace could not understand why the entire staff was standing around to watch her open a fortune cookie.

            2. Thank you for all the suggestions. To mc michael's point I thought of the Langham and Patina because while I think the restaurants may change, I think the buildings will be there for the rest of my lifetime. And I am thinking of Saam because we've been to Spain and love tapas but I dont think that restaurant will be there forever. I will look into Saddlepeak and Melisse.

              And I had to laugh at ipsedixit's post...thats definitely part of the evening's menu:-)

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              1. re: funkycold

                Dunno why my original post was deleted. But I guess the point was made. :-)

                Enjoy wherever you end up, and Saddlepeak would indeed be a good option as well. But my vote still goes to Saam ...

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Do you think your reply was taken down because it was too "racy?" How silly.

                  Yes, point was made and it was funny.

                  Thanks for the suggestions.

                  1. re: funkycold

                    How silly people can be the recommendation was at best "slightly racy". I wouldn't even tag it with racy maybe innuendo. I think it may havwe been my fault. sorry Ipse

                    1. re: Hughlipton

                      I've always understood that the SLS had a great gym upstairs.

                      [Shrug with tongue firmly planted in cheek]

                2. re: funkycold

                  I'm confused. Are you planning on proposing at the restaurant or someplace else and then going to the restaurant? If the proposal is at a different location, then it may not be as important if the restaurant/building does not stay. Your girlfriend will most likely remember where you proposed, not where you ate after.

                  If you are planning on proposing at a restaurant, I would understand a hotel/famous landmark restaurant. The Langham is probably my first choice. I also would consider the Bel Air Hotel, which may no longer have great food, but has a wonderful romantic ambience. Cicada at the Oviatt Building downtown is old-time glamour and the building will not be going anywhere.

                  I've also heard good things about mar'sel at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. It overlooks the ocean and, even if the restaurant closes, the ocean will always be there. I would try to recommend another restaurant with an ocean view, but most are pretty lousy when it comes to food.

                  1. re: Jwsel

                    The Bel Air is unfortunately closed for remodeling until sometime around the middle of 2011 (I wonder who is watching after the swans?)...

                    1. re: Jwsel

                      Hmmm, a proposal on the bridge at the Langham might work.

                      1. re: Jwsel

                        Yeah, Im proposing some place else and then celebrating by going to dinner. So you have a good point.

                        I have a place in mind though the bridge at the Langham is a great idea too.