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pork belly

I tried to cook a pork belly last night. Since I'd never tasted belly before I wasn't sure what to expect. After a lot of research, I decided on a jamie Oliver recipe. During the cooking process the house smelled fantastic. My wife arrived home apprehensive about the up coming meal, but had to admit "it sure smells good" The final product was picture perfect . I broke off a piece of the crackle and tasted it...great. So, Let eat.......Cutting into the pork belly released a smell that could only be described as (I'll try to be polite here)....An outhouse? It was awful. My wife left the room' not to return and It's just me and the belly. Once I got past the oder, the meat tasted great. The next day it smelled fine. My question......Is this what I should expect from pork belly, did I do something wrong or.............did I eat bad belly. Thanks for any help

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  1. Jamie Oliver jokes aside, what exactly was the recipe? I do lots of pork belly and I don't ever get what you're describing.

    1. Every once in a while a small uncut boar will find his way into the slaughterhouse, that could be one reason.

      1. http://www.foodielifestyle.com/2009/0... This is the recipe, and for now I'll buy the small uncut boar story, and try again. The job will to get my wife to buy into it. Thanks for your help. Jim

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          Oh Dear Gawd! That looks good! Do give it another try!

        2. I regularly cook belly pork and have never noticed an unpleasant smell.

          Presumably it didnt smell in its raw state? Odd that anything would then when it was cooked.

          1. Smelled fine before cooking, one day before the sell by Date.

            1. did you have anything else in the oven? or could it have been a reaction with something else in the room? strange that you didn't detect the odor the next day.

              jamie's is good but marco's is better - honey glazed and far simpler. paul rankin's recipe is really great but too much time and trouble.

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                Paul's really good sounding recipes are ALWAYS too much time & trouble. Stick with Nigel Slater who has several options on the theme of pork belly in Appetite.

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                  you maybe right but the guy is always fun to watch - he gets all these funny reactions from matthew fort and tom parker bowles. and i love how he gets lady chefs with an electric whisk to hold their hips ala delia.

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                  Marco who? Would like to find this recipe. Thanks!

                3. Second attempt. I picked up a pork side from a Meat processing plant. At $1.69 a pound I bought a 12 pound piece. Cut into 3Lb servings. I decided to use same recipe so I had a baseline. Results..........I love pork belly. It had no unpleasant smell and the taste and texture were Fantastic. Thanks everyone for your help.