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Name of restaurant in Epping NH on 125 with the duck pond?? When do they open??

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I love going to this place, but never know when the open for the season. They are closed in the winter. I love the clams and my husband loves the chili dogs.

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  1. are you talking bout The Pond View? in kingston?

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    1. re: lexpatti

      No, it is in Epping just north of the Walmart. But thanks.

      1. re: rizzo0904

        Yes, my husband said that is it. Thanks, do you know when they open?

        1. re: wendy922

          no, but google them and try calling...maybe they have a recording???

          1. re: wendy922

            They have a sign out that says:

            Opening April 1

            Baby Ducks Soon


        2. Get your husband ready, they're open and slammin. Looks like a nice place to spend a weekend afternoon.