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Mar 6, 2010 10:33 AM

Canbe Foods Inc

Has anybody been to this place? It's on the north side of an industrial part of Ellesmere Rd, just west of Bellamy - a couple of doors west of Sheridan Nursery and B&A Bakery....I drive by it everyday around rush hour (5-6pm), I don't see any seating, no signage to indicate what kind of food, and even their orange sign with "Canbe Foods Inc" doesn't tell much - I thought it may be a warehouse but then, I started to seen lineups inside starting some months I missing something?...

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  1. ditto! i pass by this place everyday to utsc. have never been inside but will definitely drop by one day. just from the looks pretty bright, clean, and with plenty of hot tables.

    1. Have been in a few times -- it's essentially a South Asian takeout place. The food isn't bad at all, and the prices are very reasonable.

      1. I have also passed this often and have wondered if it is food or not. The name doesn't help.

        I went tonight. Turns out it not only *can* be food, it IS!

        It's your typical South Asian take out with samosa, dosa, roti, etc. etc.

        Great prices and good food.

        1. I also have passed by it many times and wondered - well I finally went in yesterday. It's a typical Tamil Sri Lankan food take-out place. If you're familiar with these places then you know that generally the food is good and the prices are cheap - that was the case at Canbe. We ordered a bunch of snacks from there for our in-laws who were coming to dinner that night. We purchased 8 samosas (4 for $1), 6 seeni sumbol (semi-sweet caramelized onion mixture with chillies) buns, and 3 vadai (deep fried lentil batter snacks) for a total price of $7.50. I think the major negative of this place is its miniscule and haphazard parking area. I don't know whether they realized the demand their place would have. I was in on a Sunday at around 4pm and there was a long line. Of course the space beside them is also being developed - maybe into an extended parking lot? FYI they have many meat and veg curries, rice/biriyani, noodles, dosas, roti, idly etc. and sweets (typical tamil food take-out). And probably a good thing for most people - the food that we ordered had some heat but not the kind of heat that you get at some Tamil places (which usually is not stomached well by many non-Tamils). It's definitely worth a try.

          1. ptoomey gives a pretty good description, except that it's Sinhalese (Buddhist) rather than Tamil. The vast majority of the Sri Lankan restaurants in the GTA are Tamil-run, but since this is one of the few Sinhalese-run ones, all the Sinhalese immigrants patronize this place over nearby Tamil-run joints--that's why there are always such long lines here.

            Of course, the variety of food also contributes to the long lines--Canbe seems to have a larger variety than many of the other Sri Lankan take-outs in the area. More short eats, more curries, more made-to-order options. They also have a few grocery type items.

            I believe they have two locations in Scarborough/Markham area. One might be sort of a bakery type place??? Not sure.

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              Are you sure it's Sinhalese? I usually hear the workers there speaking in Tamil...

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                Canbe Foods are the makers of the packaged parathas you find in the cold sections of Asian supermarkets.I used to buy freshly made parathas from their factory at Birchmount/14thAvenue in Markham.The Ellesmere outlet could be a new venture of theirs.