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Mar 6, 2010 10:25 AM

Casa del Ranchero - Barberton, OH

Has anyone tried Casa del Ranchero in Barberton, OH?? Two Amigos in Highland Square had the best Mexican food in the Akron, OH, area before they closed their doors. It has been hard finding any place in the Akron, OH area that serves good Mexican food. Casa del Ranchero was mentioned in a recent Akron Beacon Journal article and I cannot find many reviews online. Wondering if anyone has eaten there & what their experience was??? Thanks in advance for sharing.

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  1. i have not eaten there but a few friends always rave about. i am partial to el campesino on rt. 59 in stow kent. if that is within your driving range check it out. the margaritas are NOT electric green like many other local mexican joints. they have a really varied menu and my favorites are the mexican tacos (just steak, cilantro and onion...mmm!) and the fish tacos. pretty tasty. def my number 1 close mexican joint.

    1. We have a group of HS friends that get together for our birthdays, and this is one of our favorite places - the food is delicious and generous in portions. But, we especially like their "half-price Margarita" Thursday nights. So, we usually plan our Birthday girl's dinner for a Thursday night if we decide to eat Mexican. You can count on our 12 thumbs up from Copley!
      Their Margaritas come in small, medium and large. Choose your poison.

      1. Have not been, but thanks for the heads up about this. Loved Two Amigos and miss it.

        I did try Nuevo in downtown Akron a couple of weeks ago and liked it very much. Heard it's the same owners as Momocho in Cleveland, but not sure about that.

        1. Nuevo is not the same owners as Momocho.

          Another really incredible place is Taqueria La Loma. on Darrow Rd. in East Akron. It used to just be a taco truck outside of a Mexican grocery but they outgrew it and now have a small tacqueria. It is awesome!!