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Mar 6, 2010 10:11 AM

las vegas dining on the strip

My good friend and I are going to Vegas for a weekend. We are staying at Treasure Island. We are looking for the best brunch buffet and affordable dinner options. We will probably not venture away from the strip.

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  1. Define affordable. Also, what types of cuisine are you looking at?

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      $20 to $30 per person. We like all types of cuisine. American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc. i cannot eat meat, however, I have never had a problem finding things to eat. I love all salads and veggies. My friend does eat meat.

    2. Isla at TI is okay for Mexican. I really don't think Mexican is a strength of Vegas but Isla is not bad. As for the best brunch buffet, if you don't mind $85 for a buffet, the Sterling Brunch on Sundays at Bally's is very good quality.

      1. Search the dining tabs of the hotel you are staying in, as well as adjacent properties. Often you'll find seasonal specials or Prix Fixe meals that make eating fine food very affordable.

        The Sterling Brunch is the likely the finest available in Las Vegas, but there are others that are very, very good like the buffet at the Wynn.