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Mar 6, 2010 10:06 AM

Two NYC foodies looking for good eats in Boston

My roommate and I will be in Boston for two nights in the beginning of April and are looking to eat at hip and trendy restaurants with good food. If you're familiar with NYC eateries, our favorites are Da Silvano, Spice Market, Chow Bar, Pastis, and Balthazar. We are open to pretty much all cuisine, but atmostphere is just as important.

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  1. von gerichten has a place at the W Hotel.

    I like East Coast Grille in Cambirdge, Craigie Street Bistro, Tamarind Bay (Indian) all in Cambridge.

    For a good fish in aquariums restaraunrt, I like East Ocean Seafood in Boston.

    But i am not much on atmosphere.

    1. Give Scampo in the Liberty Hotel a try. Great food, and the place has a very nice "buzz" to it. Try the lobster pizza as an appetizer.

      1. I would definitely consider going to Mistral if you want both food and atmosphere. Great food and bar and definitely hip. Don't know the NYC joints you mentioned but this one's worth a drink at a minimum. I also agree w/ Cambridgedoctpr that East Coast Grill is worth a visit. If in Cambridge, you could also check out Ole, an upscale, authentic Mexican joint w/ great table-made guacamole and a fantastic tequila selection. Lots and lots of choices in Boston...

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        1. re: wholefoodie

          Eastern Standard
          Union Bar & Grille
          Craigie on Main
          Myers & Chang
          Sportello followed by Drink
          Ginger Park

          1. re: drewames03

            Wow! Thanks for those! Checked out all of the sites and now I have to make final decisions, but that's exactly along the lines of what I was looking for.

            1. re: nycfoodie5

              I'd add Coppa and Toro to that list.

              1. re: JoeM

                I agree. Add Toro & Coppa to the top of your list. Great vibe & food. Saw Frank Bruni tweeting: he wished there was a Toro in NY.

        2. If your looking to take advantage of restaurant week then I suggest Top of the Hub, Market at the W, and Sorellina. They all have a great ambience and food is great. Sorellina is probably the sexiest.

          I went to Top of the Hub for restaurant week last year and I was pleasantly surprised. They have many selections on their prix fix menu. I had the scallops and they were perfectly done. They have a wonderful view of Boston and live music.

          Craigie on Main and Scampo are my other choices, but are not participating in Restaurant Week.

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          1. re: Torolover

   reply was meant for another post..since you won't be here on Restaurant week.

            Just go to Sorellina or Scampo for atmosphere and food. Go to Craigie more for food.

            1. re: Torolover

              I vote for both Sorellina and Scampo. Sorellina is beautiful and elegant. Scampo is less elegant but also a very nice room. Had dinner at Scampo last night and it was out of this world delicious,as usual. Great drinks and fabulous food. Had duck with maraschino cherries and red cabbage peirogi. The duck was chargrilled on the outside and medium rare on the inside with the leg well cooked and moist. Others had spaghetti with clams, with bolognese and another had the long bone short ribs. Everyone loved their food. Desserts are outrageous also. Wherever you go, have a great time.

          2. Number 9 Park and Radius should definitely be considered; the food is absolutely comparable to the excellent NYC restaurants you mention as favorites, and the ambiance is lovely at both. Myers and Chang is fun with excellent food as well. Petit Robert is good, but not markedly different from what you could get at an above average bistro in NY. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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            1. re: erin jospe

              I would only recommend Radius if we were back in 1999! It is way past it's prime. Number 9 is a good choice though.

              1. re: csammy

                couldn't disagree more. Radius still brings it.

                I have to second Toro and would add either Via Matta, Sorellina or erbaluce for fantastic Italian (all much better than the North End IMHO).

                1. re: csammy

                  radius hasn't been radius since Chef Patrick Connoly left...