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Mar 6, 2010 09:59 AM

Lobster for dinner

Craving a lobster for dinner. Any suggestions in Queens or Brooklyn. I want a straight up steamed or broiled. want to be able to select the size. thanks

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  1. You are in luck. London Lennie's has Lobsterfest going on till Sunday 3/7. According to the menu you can pick your lobster at $23/lb.

    1. You can try Jordans Lobster in Brooklyn. Off Knapp street near the Belt parkway. A seafood shack with adjacent store. The store will even steam your lobsters to go, if you do not need the accoutrement. Will be much cheaper than $23/#.

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        If you want to cook them yourself, go to the Asian markets. My favorite for lobsters is a new one (rather, new ownership for an old market) on Broadway near Qns Blvd...small lobsters are $6.99/lb...above 1.5 lbs (I've seen 4+ lb'ers there regularly) $7.99/lb. They will let you pick out any you like..I prefer females, and I have to squeeze them to make sure that they aren't soft, and they always humor me.