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Mar 6, 2010 09:13 AM

Yellow Split Peas and Fish

I'm looking to try to cook through some of my pantry items. I have half a bag of yellow split peas left from another recipe and trying to think of something to make with them. I also am trying to get more fish in my diet, so thought a dish with salmon or flounder maybe? Any suggestions?

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  1. There is a delicious indian recipe for Mackerel in a Pickling Style from M Jaffrey, and I served with a Split Pea Tarka dal flavoured with coconut, some fresh tomato and fried onions and some rice. I absolutely love the flavour combos.

    The mackerel is basically some fresh ginger, garlic, tamarind paste and green chilli I think, spread on the fish, and you just grill for a few min and serve.

    If you want more info let me know. The split peas are simmered with turmeric till thick, then add coconut, salt, tomato and the the tarka just before serving.