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Mar 6, 2010 08:41 AM

Irish Pub for dinner bet. Oakland and Oak Ridge ?

I will be getting together with friends for dinner in the next week or so. Our friends live in Oak Ridge, NJ and we live in Oakland, NJ so we're looking for a location convenient to both.
Would appreciate any suggestions for a place with good food and a nice Irish-y atmosphere.

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  1. Prio,

    I lived in the Oak Ridge area 45 years ago and there were no Irish Pubs anywhere in the area, but plenty of German places because that was the predominate ethnicity.

    Your inquiry made me curious about whether anything has changed, so I googled restaurants in Oak Ridge, Newfoundland, Stockholm, Kinnelon. Butler, and Riverdale. Plenty of Italian; no Irish Pubs.

    Lastly, I tried Pompton Lakes. Viola, Huzzah, etc.

    Thatcher McGhee's
    6 Wanaque Ave. at Laura St.
    Pompton Lakes

    I don't know if they take reservations, but you might want to call ASAP if you think this will suit your needs. It's about equidistant for each of you, so it may work out well.

    Hope this helps. Happy St. Paddy's Day.


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      Thanks so much for the suggestion - it sounds perfect.

      1. re: prio girl

        Correction: Voila! I just looked at their web site and the place looks just fine. Irish dishes on the menu, e.g. not only the usual CB&C, but also Bangers and Mash, Lamb, Irish Stew and CB&C Spring Rolls.