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Best Chips & Salsa in LA/OC?

Love the chips and salsa at Paco's in Arcadia with the salsa being chunky and flavorful and the chips tasty and puffy. Where else can I find good salsa (preferably mild to medium heat factor) and chips anywhere in LA & OC areas? Thanks!

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  1. La Golondrina is always a favorite for this. I particularly like the hot creamy salsa that you can order on the side, but it isn't what you're requesting. Indeed, chips, salsa, guacamole, margaritas, and mariachi are the best things about Golondrina.

    My favorite chips are those at Casa downtown. I can't remember whether they have a pico de gallo type salsa or not.

    1. Not "authentic" but Malo in Silverlake makes addictive chips and salsa, both soft and crunchy variants.

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        mmm...yes. that habanero cream salsa is amazing.

        1. I hate to say it, but I like Chevy's (yes-the chain). I like how they mix flour tortilla chips in with the corn. And their salsa is good, too.

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            I was pleasantly surprised with Chevy's chips and salsa... definitely worth recommending.

          2. The salsa (brown smokey one) at Baja Fresh is deelish!

            1. Giving this thread another go-around.

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                Did you comb through the thread I linked above? Quite a few excellent recommendations there.

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                  Many of the places I tried were too liquidy or hot for my liking. Will try some more places on that thread but still in the hunt for chunky (salsa fresca) type salsa with a mild to medium heat factor. Thanks!

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                    That concept of "mild to medium" is really tough to determine. What is mild to medium to me (most of the salsas that I try) may well be too hot for you.

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                      I like the chips and salsa at Gilbert's in Santa Monica.

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                        This is an excellent suggestion, very good chips & salsa at Gilbert's. I also love Border Grill's chips and all three salsas they put out on the bar.

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                          Except Gilbert's salsa is not at all thick or chunky. It's thin and red. I like it and the chips are good but I don't think it's what the OP is looking for.

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                            I wouldn't classify it as not at all thick or chunky. Red, yes.
                            Border Grill's salsa trio is blended/strained thin.

                            With thin salsa, you can dip your chip vertically or horizontally and you still get the salsa for the most part. With Gilbert's, you have to go horizontally in a scooping motion because there are chunks of goodies to reward the effort.

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                              It has always seemed to be on the thin side to me. I guess this shows how difficult it is to try and see (or taste) through someone else's tastebuds or eyes. And of course this isn't talking about their "el diablo" salsa which is sort of an orange-yellow color and, while it is much thicker than their everyday salsa is also their "very" spicy one that you have to ask for by name.

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                            Yeah, Border Grill's chips and salsas are at least interesting. My favorite salsa is actually a fourth, which comes with the wild mushroom quesadilla appetizer.

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                        Try El Paso Cantina in Torrance. Their salsa is mild and chunky.