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Mar 6, 2010 07:30 AM

Help! Need restaurant suggestion Bloor & Avenue Rd. ish

My daughter is at the ROM this aft, we want to have dinner, and then we're seeing Alice at the Varsity at 55 Bloor - so we're right at Bloor & Avenue Rd. all aft/eve.

I'm looking for recommendations for a restaurant in the area. We're all adventurous (not Korean live squid adventurous but certainly up to exploring anything ethnic) and are looking for something where the emphasis is on providing good food, not atmosphere, style or any of that rot.

My first idea was to go to that old, tried but always true, standby Joso's (been going there since 1979 and still love it) but I wanted to see what the other options were.


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  1. Pho Hung offers wonderful Vietnamese food, and certainly has a no-frills atmosphere that fits your description. It's located right accross the street from the ROM.

    1. Caren's Wine Bar, on Cumberland in Yorkville, is a great little spot. The Coffee Mill is also decent for casual, Hungarian fare.

      1. I second Caren's - the food is quite good and a great wine selection.
        There is also The Host on Prince Arthur if you want Indian. Fieramosca (Italian) is also on Prince Arthur. I have never been, but a foodie friend swears by it.

        1. I don't think there's much "adventurous" food in that neighbourhood. My first instinct was Pho Hung as well. If you're looking for nicer atmosphere, a la Joso's (but not necessarily the walk up to Davenport and not necessarily a 2 hour+ dins), then I'd probably go with The Host or maybe Dynasty. There's also a tiny creperie on Yorkville, near Yonge, that's good for a faster bite. Sounds like a fun day - enjoy!

          1. thanks for all the suggestions!
            The general vote was for Italian so we ended up at Fieramosca. It was ok, dh had the fettucini with mushrooms and voted it excellent saying he prefers it over Terroni and our local Italian. Daughter had the penne with mushrooms and liked it, though she prefers our local first, and then Terroni's. Son had the sausage pizza and absolutely loved it, said that it was one of the best he's had. I had the grilled fish special, two grilled fresh fillets (bream and something else I didn't catch the name of) and a large grilled prawn with lots of nicely done veg on the side. It was good. Not as good as Joso's fish (though at $37 a plate it should have been) but while expensive, it was serviceable.

            Bottom line, the meal was ok but it's not going to be a destination restaurant for us. I don't think I'd go back unless I'm looking for an Italian in that neighbourhood.