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Mar 6, 2010 07:26 AM

SF Underground Market today

I went last time, and it was pretty fun. Extremely crowded. Very young crowd.
Last time, you had to sign in at the door. Now they want you to sign in in advance on the web.

"The Next SF Underground Market is Here!

The SF Underground Farmers Market is a venue where you can taste and purchase the food that is being produced in backyards and home kitchens in the Bay Area.

This time we've got over 40 vendors selling everything from pastured pork and beef to home brewed ginger beer...

We've also got a long list of food cart vendors, so there'll be hot food such as pulled pork (Good Foods), Mexican (Soul Cocina), wild boar belly buns (forageSF), home made chai (Chai Cart), and more...."

When: Saturday March 6th 5-11pm
Where: 9 Langton St in San Francisco (near 7th/howard)

Here's a Chow blog on the last event. (The author apparently did not see me there, since he says he didn't see anyone over 30!

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  1. I was planning on going near opening time tonight -- and can help you shore up the over-30 contingent.

    When you went last time, was it more food to bring home or to eat on the spot? I'm not really looking to graze or have a meal; I'm hoping to pick up things for the week.

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    1. re: david kaplan

      It was a little of both. Had some Indian street snack and a piece of pie while we were there. Brought home mushrooms, jam and pickles.

    2. We stopped by at 5:25 PM. There was a line 100-200 yards down the block toward Folsom waiting to be let in because the interior market space was jammed.

      We talked to a girl who had just left. She had arrived at 4:30 when just a few people were waiting. She raved about the food.

      We didn't see any street cart vendors.

      We went to Rainbow...

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      1. re: Thomas Nash

        I'm in line right now near the back. The line stretches most of the way down the block toward folsom. Things are moving....but slowly. Probably going to bail.

        1. re: Thomas Nash

          I stopped by early, briefly. It was very crowded with clashing aromas -- one entered the tight space and was hit with fish curry on one side and, nearby, lemon tarts. Although I only saw some of the booths, there was a wide range of quality, from stuff that wouldn't make it into a school bakesale to artisan-chef quality offerings.

          After tasting, I brought home two real treats: nam kao, Lao sour sausage and crispy rice salad from A Hungry Plate; and an amazing pecan tart, rich with maple, bourbon, and curry notes, from Maison Mitchell, which also offered delicious chocolate truffles for sampling. Those two were worth the wait and the cramped space. Had I the time, I would have tried the pork belly stuffed steamed buns. The women at A Hungry Plate promised whole Lao sausage for next time; I can't wait.