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Mar 6, 2010 07:08 AM

Tandoori Knights - Calgary

Tandoori Knights opened recently in the space formerly occupied by Si Senor pizza/tacos in Kensington. (24-12th St. N.W.) The menu is mostly all chicken, veg and seafood. No pork or beef.

We had an excellent tandoori chicken drumsticks ("kalmi kebab tandoori" it's called on the menu) for $14.99 that came with salad (typical out of a bag with one or two cherry tomatoes) and naan bread.

Prawn butter masala ($15.99) was OK. Tandoori cauliflower ($5.99) was huge and a nice veg side.

Looked like the food was cooked fresh in the back but then stored in plastic containers to be heated up in the microwave upon ordering. A bit of a problem as we got it for take out and it definitely did not keep its heat.

Bottom line, a decent place for tandoori chicken, and would point it out to people in the neighbourhood but wouldn't go out of my way for a special trip.

It has the same "seating" set up as the old place, just a few seats along the window.
Other things on menu: biryani, tandoori fish tikka, butter chicken, samosas, pakoras.

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  1. I haven't had tandoori cauliflower since my beloved Nataraj in Toronto so it's nice to know we can get it here! Not sure if I like the sound of this setup though. Everything is microwaved??

    alau, did the Si Señor people open that new pizza place further west? Menu looks similar- pizza and Mexican. Donairs are new but as I say it looks similar.

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      I don't think the Si Señor people are involved in the Evolution Pizza, but I only base that on the fact we haven't seen them at all. The Mexican stuff there is OK (full of lettuce) and pizza was bleh. Am hoping to try the "Halifax-style donair" soon that they keep advertising...

    2. For about $15, you'll get FOUR bite-size pieces of tandoori chicken and a cardboard-tasting naan and a stale salad.
      The butter chicken was the same deal but the FOUR bites were in a tub of sauce.

      1. Ugh, this place is AWFUL! I had high hopes for another cheap, fast option in the neighborhood, but this place is super disapointing.

        Where to begin: I'd consider their menu a little pricy even if the food was fresh and cooked to order, which it isn' order took forever to to be prepared, even though that preperation was simply microwaving a bunch of food taken from the cooler...the veggie bryani had 3 or 4 chicken bone shards in it (sure, great for flavour but probably not appreciated by vegitarians...or people who don't want to choke on their food)...naan bread came out of a bag, same stuff you buy at the Superstore...side salad was a slimy bag salad pulled out of the cooler as well.


        1. The original comment has been removed