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New hot dog place on Rte. 112, Coram/Medford?

I was driving home last night and saw a tiny restaurant on the east side of Rte. 112 a couple miles north of the LIE in what is generally a wasteland in terms of restaurants (or any retail, actually). I didn''t catch the name, but it appeared to be a hot dog place - anyone have more info? I'm going to try to head back today and stop in.

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  1. Did you ever go? If it's the place I'm thinking of, it was going to be all Sabrett, probably just like any hot dog wagon. Which is why I never checked it out myself.

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      Didn't get there yet...I will sometime this week and will report back. Hope it's not all Sabrett or at least has some good toppings.

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        If it's the place I'm thinking of, I think it was as much an amusement hall as food, but let us know!

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          Stopped by tonight - closed, they're only open for breakfast/lunch. Cute little place with a counter with stools and a few tables. Couldn't really read the menu but they apparently serve hamburgers/hot dogs and breakfast stuff. Looks pretty new. Name is "First National Franks," giant oversized plaster hot dog on the roof. Couldn't see any mention of Sabrett anywhere. Think I'll get there on Saturday for lunch.

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            And they have a FaceBook page with pics of the menu and one of the dogs, doesn't look like a Sabrett dog, too thick... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Medford...

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              Sabrett makes really thick dogs, 6 to the lb or even 4 to the lb, so can't tell by that. Most trucks sell 10 or 11 to the lb size, which is enough for me! Well even so, it'd be nicer than standing by the side of the Expressway eating it. I see they make their own fries, which is a big bonus.

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                Coll, I got a message from the owner - they use Boars Head, 4 to the pound.


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                  All beef or beef/pork? Casing or skinless?

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                    Hi John! (You are my hot-dog hero)

                    I'll be stopping in there tomorrow and will let you know.


    2. OK, so I stopped by for lunch today and had a very good experience. I ordered a chili dog with American cheese, raw onion, jalapeno, and mustard, with a side of fresh-cut fries. The menu includes about a dozen "specialty dogs" that range in price from $2.99 to about $4.29, fresh-cut fries ($1.79), onion rings, 1/3 lb. burgers, grilled chicken breast sandwiches, and breakfast items (omelets and egg sandwiches). The dogs are huge (John, they're Boars Head skinless, 1/4 pound, 100% beef, griddled) and come on a pretty good-sized bakery hero roll that was fresh and stood up well to the toppings. The size of the dog and bun is reminiscent of what you get at Costco. You order at the counter and eat your dog at several tables with a plasma TV off to the side. My dog and fries looked like a work of art when they came out - they obviously care about the food and presentation. I liked that they used fresh jalapenos as opposed to canned, and they were generous with the chili and cheese. The chili was a little sweet for my tastes but matched well with the dog, and the jalapenos added a nice bite. The fries were hot and cooked perfectly; I'll have to try the rings next time, along with one of the various burger options. If they served shakes it would be pretty near perfect, alas, they don't. Overall, definitely an nice addition to my lunch options (they're only open until 3 p.m.).

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          Went back again yesterday. Had a dog with mustard, kraut and grilled onions. They really piled on the onions (in a good way) and the dog was the closest experience to a Chicago Polish that I've had around here. Juicy and delicious. Also split a burger with my daughter and it was perfectly cooked. Have to complain about the fries, though, they were limp as can be yesterday (and a rather small portion) -- I'd rather have well-cooked frozen fries than mushy fresh ones anyday. Could be because it was so busy, but...

        2. I love this place. I had a chicken breast sandwich with lettuce, pepper, pickles, sour cream, cole slaw and salsa. It was amazing, and the sandwich roll was able to hold all the toppings reasonably well.

          The fries really grew on me during the meal. I'm not usually a type of the earthier fries, but these got better as they cooled slightly.

          Overall, this will probably end up in my regular rotation of fast food lunches.

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            Reviewed today in Newsday (paper version, did not look on website) I think I'm going to go soon. Considering the lack of really unique hot dog places on LI, it's worth a try.
            As a multi year veteran of the roadfood hot dog tour with John Fox, I've always wished we had just one place that would be worthy of that tour.

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              This is purely a personal opinion, but I don't think that a place that uses mass-market hot dogs (Sabretts, Boars Head) qualifies as unique.

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                I understand what you are saying, but in terms of hot dogs, all I've ever seen on LI is those trucks by the side of the road selling dirty water dogs. Is there anything else (a rutt's hut, hot grill, father & son's, Galloping Hill or the like) on LI. Some the places in NJ, sell mass market, it's what they do with them (toppings, preparation) that makes them stand out to me. I'l sure John will chime in.

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                  Scott, I would opine that what makes it unique is the sheer size of the dogs and buns (as opposed to the typical roadside truck version) and the quantity and quality of the available toppings...also, the fresh-cut french fries.

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                    The more I think, the more I love those fries. They're cooked perfectly, mesh well with everything on the menu and they're an scrumptious oddity in LI's frozen yellow french fry wasteland.

                    Had a deep fried Snickers with a coupon - batter needs to be slightly sweeter or it needs a dollop of vanilla ice cream, but otherwise it was delicious.

                    The prices are very reasonable for LI - especially considering the quality (pretty much everything is fresh) and amount of food.

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                    Hey there, MrPhil.

                    I think the closest to the Jersey places is D’Angelo’s Sausage & Pepper House (formerly, Francesco’s of New York):

                    1. re: Scott_R

                      Damn, Scott, I drove right by Francesco's today with the wife...we were going to stop but neither of us was in the mood for sausage and peppers. If I knew they had their own brand of dogs I definitely would have. I ended up having a crappy wannabe philly cheesesteak at American Roadside Burger instead. PS, don't get one.

                      American Roadside Burger
                      80 E Main St, Smithtown, NY 11787

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                        I may have misremembered on this one; it's looking like D'Angelo's uses Sabretts. Pity.

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                          Stopped at D'Angelo's on Saturday...definitely Sabrett's (or as they spelled it, "Sabrette's." I skipped the dogs and had a hot sausage and peppers that was delicious and that included a huge chunk of sausage. Wife had a cheesesteak that was very good, especially for Long Island. Both used great rolls. Fries and rings were hot and delicious.

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                      There are many unique German style beef and pork dogs. Butcher shops and pork stores specialize in this type. Where I live, (Union, N.J.) many restaurants and bars serve a hot dog from a local pork store that is unique. When it comes to a beef dog, most are commercial dogs, which are mass produced. Nothing wrong with that if a stand or establishment is using a quality beef dog like Sabrett, Boars Head, or Best's. Katz's and all the Papaya places use a natural casing Sabrett. What makes it special is the overall quality of the dog and the fact that it is prepared well on a hot griddle and has a good casing. Toppings are important to many, but to me are secondary.

                      Looking forward to seeing you on the next Tour, Mr. Phil.

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                        union, huh? jfood was weaned on corned beef at Kartzman's and he stared at their cakes while his dad bought rolls.