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Tapas and Gramercy

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Any recommendations of a tapas type place in or about grammercy.............fun atmosphere also

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    1. re: feynmix

      Casa Mono, hands down. One of my favorite spots in the city

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        Pipa is excellent and there is live Flamenco music and dancer too!

      2. Casa mono and Inoteca come to mind. Both have small plates, a lively atmosphere and are nearby. At Casa Mono I love their goat cheese and pumkin croquetas and the skirt steak with Maramalade.

        Inoteca is Italian food but has small plates for sharing like octopus, cheese and meats.


          1. Casa Mono - great vibe and most excellent food. I'd recommend making reservations 2 weeks out though... it's hard already getting a spot one week early!

            Check out my blog if you want to read more about the restaurant:

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              Casa Mono is also my favorite. If you can't get a reservation there (though you can usually wait for a seat at the bar) Boqueria and Sala 19 are fine alternatives a few blocks away.